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    Old 08-25-2010, 04:54 PM
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    Rogue pvp can be summed up fairly simply. If you as a rogue can kill your enemy while or just after using every single stun in your arsenal then you win. If you cannot kill that person by the time (or a little after) all your stuns are used then you lose.

    That's why rogues are so dependent on cooldowns, like Vanish,Blind and Preparation. Thats why most people hate rogues, because when they die they'll be in (or just getting out of) a stun. Nobody bitches about the rogue who couldn't kill them while stunning them, even though they're just as helpless during that time. And thats why when Blizzard say they want to do away with Rogue cooldowns and stuns, it's not to pick on the rogue it's to give them a different way of being able to fight, without pissing off the other player so much.
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