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    Old 11-21-2012, 02:46 AM
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    Originally Posted by xJakex068 View Post
    Sure you can have progression with difficulty, but whenever you get difficulty like dark souls, It's extremely hard to progress = game being too hard for somebody.
    Not completely true. Let's say a part is extremely difficult do to the intelligent design by the creator of said part. Now, because it's not just some beefed up boss who has extra health and defense (because that's not true difficulty, it's just bullshit), that means there is instead an intelligent way to pass this part. This can either be by figuring out some kind of pattern or puzzle. So even though I'm continually failing, I'm making progress intellectually by slowly figuring out what to do. Therefore, each time I'm getting closer an closer to beating this part even though I'm continuously failing.

    Now, as I have said I haven't played Dark Souls, so I will not comment on how the difficulty of the game is.

    I do not believe adding extra health, defense, attack, speed, etc is making a game difficult. Instead it just frustrates the player. Difficulty should be made by an increase in AI, intricate puzzles or patterns, timing, etc.

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    On the subject of difficulty in action games, I find the best-designed games to be ones where experience and skill will allow you to pass a stage/boss more rapidly than before. On some levels (See, 'I wanna be the guy') prior skill and experience count for little: death is unremitting. The beat levels in a game like this feels to me like an achievement, but I can't always do it again without the same grinding...
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