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    Old 11-20-2012, 09:57 PM
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    Default Steelhide's Elegon progress report

    There is a fair chance that I will be late or absent on Thursday so in case Win gets as far as Elegon I will pass on the information we gained from dying lots and lots of times. I was tanking so the report is mostly from that point of view.

    We had Goffik tank the boss first by charging him from the North, whilst everyone else run in from the East (starting area) to hit him. After 20 second or so an add would spawn and I would taunt it and pull it towards the east side of the ring. I tried so slip out as soon as I got there to drop my debuff stacks but kept the boss in the ring until it had ~30% health left. It would have under 25% by the time I then dragged it all the way outside and would die quickly. I found my DK anti-magic shell was extremely effective against the Total Annihilation. I have it glyphed and this allowed me to ignore all the damage that it would normally inflict.

    With my stacks clear I then ran over to where Goffik was still tanking. I kept an eye on Elegon's cast bar because there was no sense in my running in if he was just about to cast his breath as we would both be hit. I also wanted to avoid taunting early as this might have turned the breath towards the raid. Once it was safe I took over tanking and immediately started taking horrendous damage. I died several times at this stage and could only survive using a variety of survival tricks each time, especially during the celestial breath and the second Total Annihilation. Goffik finally took over and I was able to run east to drop my stacks just before the next add appeared.

    Throughout all this the healers and ranged were all pretty much standing on the east edge of the ring and were just moving out occasionally to remove their stacks. The mêlée were attacking the boss from its east side and either using survival cooldowns or dropping their stacks by following the add each time. I believe we found that leaving the mêlée attacking the boss instead of dropping stacks did not lead to a significant increase in damage to the boss.

    After a few shot we got to phase two before a fourth add spawned. Our earlier attempts had an add spawn just as phase two started, which was disastrous. Each mêlée was assigned to a node, with the two tanks assisting the lower DPS players, one on the north side and one on the south side. We struggled to even kill two waves of draw power adds without messing up. Upon failure I had to run from the south east node to the north end of the room and, having no speed-up tricks, I found it extremely difficult to safely make it in time. We really need for people to type or say on Vent when a node will be reached so we know to get into position.

    I don't think we really got a satisfactory shot at the next phase. We tried to get the south team to take out the NW, SW and S nodes whilst the north team took out the N, NE and SE nodes. This would have meant that we would meet up at the east end of the platform once all the nodes were dead. The adds are pretty random and your side can get get hardly any or loads at once. Killing the columns quicker obviously means fewer adds. There seems to be a fairly long grace period before any adds start to appear. They are mostly just a nuisance but must be tanked and are pretty distracting.

    I think that is pretty much all the information I can offer based on how far we got. It may help people if we need to fight him with a different group.

    Enion / Steelhide
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