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    The issue of day one DLC only bothers me if there isn't enough content in the vanilla game. If the content is huge, but total rubbish in terms of fun and challenge, then the fact that some DLC already exists that is also likely to be total rubbish has no impact on me at all.

    If the game is fun and challenging and that content is sufficient, then I still don't feel deprived, because I have had more than my monies worth of entertainment.

    The only time that day one DLC does become an issue for me is when the game is both fun and challenging, but there simply isn't enough content.

    The PCG reviewer who played part of the game earlier this year had a look at the world map, and by all accounts it's huge, so the amount of content shouldn't be an issue. The question of how fun and challenging that content proves to be, is still up in the air, as someone needs to play the entire game before making a judgement.

    The idea of multiple routes between different tombs and locations and the option of multiple choice when it comes to combat situations is intriguing, but the heart and soul of a good TR game is found inside the tricksy tombs. The more tricksy the better, and ultimately the game is going to be judged on how many PC's are thrown out of how many windows because players couldn't see the solution to a given tricksy problem, despite it staring them right in the face.

    I still have my fingers crossed, because in this instance, and based on their previous involvement in recent TR games, I genuinely do think that this developer does know what they are doing. They were however shackled with recent games, as they inherited an ongoing story, and were themselves finding their way when it came to designing TR games. Now that they have a bit of experience under their belts, and are unshackled to let rip with reinventing the origin story and series, this is a make or break moment for them.

    I think they are up for the challenge, and I will therefore preorder, which isn't something that I do very often these days. For me at least, my only real doubt has nothing to do with DLC, or the amount of content, but instead revolves around the issue of QTE's in cut scenes. If the developer can keep them to a minimum, then I will be a happy bunny, but if they go over the top, then no matter how tricksy the tombs might be, the game will suck, because I loathe QTE's in cut-scenes, and always have. TR has always had them, and the only justification for them is to make the player pay attention to what's happening during the long minutes that they lose control of the game. Needless to say a really good game doesn't have them, because the developer finds ways of telling the story without having to take control away from the player.

    Regards - Mr P
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    Originally Posted by agr1ppa View Post
    Are we OK with this now?
    Nay this is why they don't get my money.
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