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    Old 11-19-2012, 12:01 PM
    jonsey_ponsey jonsey_ponsey is offline
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    If we were to get organised then I think we could produce an orca a week with the slots that people have very kindly offered IF we have enough mats.

    On that topic I think the mats are going to be the limiting factor using Jita prices the cost of the mats needed to produce an orca is 773m or so.

    This is based on using blueprints that are not researched.

    Next time I'm on i'll have a look at changing the google doc to reflect a blueprint that has been researched.

    But given that on the op on wednesday we refined around 170m isk worth of mats it look like mats will be the limiting factor.

    To get past this we could either run a second mining op or try and think of a way we can buy ore from corp members as per the thread that core set up a week or so ago.

    On the subject of blueprints I reckon it probably is worthwhile getting our own blueprints. I'm not sure what the corp resources are like but orca blueprints are around 913m isk plus all the component blueprints. Assuming we don't have that kind of cash just lying around then we need to buy them out of orca profits.

    In the short term I think we should continue to buy copies until we get the mining fleet sorted and then put orca profits into buying blueprints for the orca construction.

    I'll update the numbers for reasonable blueprints and do a re-post when I get chance, this will give us an idea of how far short we are on mats to be thinking in terms of an orca per week.
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