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    Old 11-19-2012, 07:41 AM
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    Default Raid Report 18/11/12

    Tanks: Khaine and Slim
    Healers: Doom and Sid
    Melee: Tofe and Archaz
    Ranged: Beli, Noheels, Zalid, Littlesky and Aph

    Back into MSV to try our luck against the spakly dragon.

    It was nice to have enough players available to be able to swap people around as necessary we still need a couple of more people in the team but we are at a point now where we are flexible enough to adjust and make improvements.

    We knew Elegon was going to be a challenge, but we are making some good progress. We have phase 1 sorted so our focus tonight was the orbs, walls and sparks phase. As the night went on we were able to push further through these phase and a handful of times saw the final phase.
    Our best attempt saw Elegon at 31% which is a huge improvement on our 80% last week.

    There are a couple of things we need to do. We know the tactics, the final phase is rusty but the rest of the fight is coming together nicely. The main thing holding us back is our DPS numbers. We need to be pulling 90k each by that final phase in order to burn the boss down. Anything you can do today and tomorrow to boost your DPS will be great, we really need it now.
    Secondly, we need to be killing more orb phases. Ideally we want to have 10 stacks by the final phase, so 5 orbs each time. On a few tries we only got 2 down which is much too low. Remember you get a DPS boost for killing orbs.
    Pillars need to die as soon as possible. As we saw last night, if you are a dotty class you can have issues so we have people helping each other out. However, it is important to kill your own pillar first.

    Once we perfect these three things we should be laughing. The more DPS we do the shorted phase 1 will be, the less anihilations, the more mana the healers will have.

    I will be heading to the new LFR tonight so if anyone wants to join me you will be more than welcome. Hopefully I may get some shiny gear.

    Good night though and hopefully we can make a little more progress tomorrow night.
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