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    Old 11-16-2012, 02:16 PM
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    Default Unban help and a couple of questions

    Hi guys,

    Sorry to have to post this here, but it's the only thing I could think of! Apologies for the clutter - I've tried to add a question or two at the end so that it is not a totally wasted thread.

    Managed to get myself a 1 day ban earlier in the week which still appears to be active, although I thought it would have expired by now. Can any admin help out with that please ?

    Whilst we're here I'd like to fully apologise for the actions that resulted in that ban (mining minerals in someone else's area) and would like to reassure the admins that I'm not the sort of person that 'griefs' in any of the games I play, and I understand more now about the rules that help keep such a wide and varied server intact.

    And so on to my questions, which relate slightly to the reason for my ban, but more something I'd like to get clarity on before proceeding any further.

    I now fully understand that you shouldn't mine minerals in other people's areas, even if you fill in the holes as you go. Fair do's, makes sense.

    My question is how a builder should view the status of things like trees and grass on areas that do not appear immediately claimed - ie, they are not in a fenced in area, for example - but that may be part of the 'ambience' of the area.

    Are these considered things that can regrow and/or be replanted by the harvester, and hence fair game, or do these too count as part of someone else's build and hence are out of bounds ?

    Second question regards leaving stuff out for other people to use - do I assume that if you just leave a stack of something out in the open, it eventually times out and disappears ? If that is the case, can I also assume that you need to put stuff in a chest and somehow make the chest public access ?

    Thanks for the clarifications, I've only just started playing having read about the game for yonks in PCG, and the google-space for Minecraft is a bit dense at this point!


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