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    Old 11-16-2012, 11:40 AM
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    Originally Posted by flickenmaste View Post
    Enemies have little to no attack patterns so you can not learn on how to fight enemies.
    The entire idea behind Souls combat is to learn the attack pattern, every enemy has a fixed number of attacks and you have to learn the telegraphs to avoid them. But every enemy has a DIFFERENT move/attack set, and they don't always use them in the same order, so you have to learn each enemy and each attack individually.

    Originally Posted by flickenmaste View Post
    You just have to hope and pray that they do not do their one hit attack(which almost all enemies have)
    This is complete nonsense. I can think of only two minibosses that can one hit you in the entire game, no regular enemy can, and absolutely no boss can, they have been proven to be hardcoded to a max damage per hit based on percentage of your HP (by EpicNameBro on YouTube and I'm sure others). People play through the game at starter level with a club and no armor and never get one hit killed...

    Originally Posted by flickenmaste View Post
    and you have a small window to spam left click until they die because the combat has no depth. This means you cannot learn from mistakes because there is nothing to learn.
    Again I disagree completely. I can't speak for the mouse controls but with a pad you can block, parry, light and heavy attack as well as a backstab and a riposte. Once you learn each enemy's move set you can easily outmaneuver almost all of them and use whichever attack you please. It's incredibly deep and requires timing and studying. On top of that each weapon type behaves completely different. I can make it through an area with one weapon and not take a single hit, whereas with another weapon I die half way through.

    Originally Posted by flickenmaste View Post
    Having to grind is an absolute chore. And yes you need to grind in this game. If you manage to power through an area and reach a boss without having high enough stats, then the game literally becomes impossible.
    Never had to grind once in the game, I grind when I want a specific item from a specific enemy, never for resources or levels. Just by playing the game normally you end up being appropriate level for each area.

    Also no boss or enemy is ever impossible, as you put it. People do challenge playthroughs where they run through the game naked at starting level... If bosses were impossible and every enemy had a one hit kill, that WOULD be impossible, now it just takes dedication in order to learn every enemy's move set. Search for "Dark Souls Challenge" on YouTube...

    I'm the biggest PC fan here, I hate consoles passionately, I have none of the current gen consoles, and I hate bad console ports the most. But even I have to react when someone spews so much bullshit and misinformation about what is truly a remarkable game, despite the console born flaws.

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