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    Old 11-16-2012, 11:07 AM
    Chris Thursten Chris Thursten is offline
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    Default Preparations for launch

    Hi guys,

    Apologies for the relative quiet on the topic of the PCG Planetside 2 outfit over the course of beta. In the early days we had a huge amount of trouble getting people invited to the outfit due to various bugs and it didn't materialise quite as it should. However, we're still keen to get something set up for release.

    However, we've got a couple of hurdles to cross first.

    First, we don't have a leadership structure in place yet. Most of the PCG staff will be playing the game, myself included, but we're unlikely to be around enough to lead the outfit beyond the early days. If you can make a case for why you should be leading our armies, please do.

    Second, lots of people are pretty attached to their favourite factions and that's divided the community. We've gone with Terran for the reasons we've mentioned before - it fits our colour scheme and lets us establish a friendly rivalry with RPS (Vanu) and PCGN (NC). However if the community is going to be split over multiple factions anyway then we need to figure out how we're going to handle that.

    Third, server choice. I know there's been some discussion of this and if anyone has any input let us know. Again this is a situation where cross-coordinating with the RPS, PCGN and other gaming communities would be good.

    It'd be great if, over the weekend, those who are interested in playing in the PC Gamer UK Terran outfit could make themselves known. Lets get that nailed down first, and worry about alternate factions and such when the dust has settled.


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