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    Old 11-16-2012, 07:49 AM
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    Post Raid Report - 15/12/2012



    Melee DPS

    Range DPS

    A nice turn out especially with Jecaa having Man Flu and Barks fannying around somewhere.

    I asked Bull to sit out so Steelhide could have a go at tanking. Ayumis was also asked to sit for Thorilon but Thorilon had DC problems so Ayumis came back in.

    Two wipes before we killed them; first was a tanking issue swapping dogs and the second was me calling break chains for too long which killed people. After these warm ups it was a straight forward.

    One shot with a few problems. Steelhide had great fun with the interrupts but the healers managed to step up to get us through. There was a few deaths at the end of phase 3 but I'm not sure why.

    Spirit Dude
    I asked Psyke to sit out, Bullshifter to come in and Steelhide to go DPS.

    During the break Steelhide installed the mode to annouce who goes into the spirit world.

    One-shot with no issues it seemed easy with the mod.

    The same team as with the Spirit Dude.

    Gluggie and Inifitee had not seen this before so I did my best explaining the 15 million abilities.

    We nearly one-shot but we had Meng as the second boss and half way through the last we lost control. Then we had a few issues with people getting hit with Massive Attacks in phase 1. After three wipes we killed him even though we had Meng as the third boss.

    It was 9:45 so we decided to do the trash up to Elegon so see if we could get any more patterns. This proved more tricky then said and we ended up wiping a few times. Gluggie had to go a 10 so we called it early.

    All the loot was used so none was DC'ed. Goffik got a new firey shield.

    Next Raid
    Monday 19th - Progression on Elegon!
    Bimble (Armoury)
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    PCG Guild (Steamwheedle Cartel)

    Realm First! Zen Master Cook - 25th Sep 2012

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