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    Old 11-13-2012, 04:34 PM
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    Originally Posted by BadRix View Post
    Then I guess every gamer in the 90's was a noob then, since quicksave was implemented in almost every FPS/RTS/TPS/etc...

    I'll take the freedom to save anytime I want above those games with checkpoints. It isn't the first time CPs render the game to a frustrationpool. Generally CP's are on the 'red alert'-shelf to PC gamers: it could be the feature to another bad consoleport, as well as a way to 'artificially' lenghten the duration of a game.

    No, quicksaves give freedom, you (as a gamer) can make the game as difficult as you like it to be.
    i'm talking specifically about hitman, which never had any saving on the higher difficulties.. which is probably the difficulty i would have expected Francis to play on if he is indeed a 'massive blood money fan'
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