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    Old 11-13-2012, 10:48 AM
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    Default Raid Report 12/11/12

    On raid:
    Goffik, Bullshifter, Gluggie, Steelhide, Infitiee, Barkhoof, Wyrmy, Ayumis, Bimble, Jecaa

    Dooks in for Infitiee after an hour.
    Thorilin in for Gluggie after an hour and a bit.
    Leegund in for Barkhoof after an hour and a bit more than a bit.


    Had a couple of goes where we worked out how to maximise the buff stacks - fast quick heals worked for us. Decided to use a mod to work out the groups for each totem rather than have me do it - It worked fine, once I decided to trust it. Mod is [URL="http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/garajalannounce"]Gara'jalAnnounce[/URL]. Recommend the tanks get it installed in case we do this boss without me in the future.
    DPS was significantly higher than last thursday - we were consistently sending 1 player out of spirit realm early due to no adds to kill.
    Had one attempt where we got sub20% but had a group in spirit realm and 1 healer couldnt keep the group alive. Subsequent attempt we ignored totems at approx 27% and pooped BLust at 21% - had him down with 30 seconds or so to spare on the enrage.
    Nice clean kill in the end!

    Spirit Kings

    Compared to Garajal this is a strange fight - garajal has about 2 mechanics, and once you have the basics it's very straightforward. This fight is very hectic - about 12 different things happen, and 6 of those things will happen during the same phase.
    Having said that P1 is easy, P2 isn't too bad - it's only P3 and P4 where you can get overwhelmed.

    We kept getting Meng (the insanity one) last - once we got a handle on how to minimise damage from him we had the fight down.
    Overall took 6 wipes, and Thorilin did great for someone in his first ever raid

    A great nights raiding, with 2 new bosses down. Back to Stone Guard on thursday!
    Everyone read up on Elgalon - hopefully we'll be working on him next monday.

    Wyrmy, Leegund, Gluggie +1 d-e.
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