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    Default The Truth About Hitman Absolution


    So by now, we've all read the review and wondered exactly what happened to Hitman. The truth is, nothing happened. Hitman Absolution is a true sequel in the Hitman series. In this post I plan to clear the air on whether some of the things Ian Miles stated were true. Some of the review had some truth behind it, most did not. I will address each key point he made against the game.

    Lets start off with: Game encourages you to kill guards, unlike other Hitman games

    Absolution does the exact opposite. At the start of each level, you start off with a balance of 0 points in the top left hand corner, You receive -400 points for a non-target kill and -4,000 points for killing a civilian. These points are important because they allow you to purchase assassin techniques which improve your ability to complete missions.

    Obviously receiving negative points for killing a guard or civilian acts as a determent instead of encouragement.

    Now lets examine the art:

    Hitman's art style has been the same across each title. Nothing has changed here with Absolution except that it is a more grittier and darker game than before. They have definitely improved upon the graphics as seen in recent videos and images and I can say personally that it is an improvement. Ian mentioned that the art style is bad. If this is the case, then it has always been bad and why is it a problem now? In his defense, I will say that bloom was used a lot but this doesn't present a problem in my eyes. The bloom effect is of personal taste.

    Save points/Checkpoints:

    They exist... There are player activated checkpoints set out through each mission. They are available in easy mode, normal mode, and hard mode. Checkpoints are unavailable in expert mode and purist mode. In purest mode you don't receive any help, instinct meter, no checkpoints, no maps... Ian would be telling the truth if checkpoints weren't available across the board. Lets not leave out important information...

    I will upload a picture of the actual checkpoint upon request.

    Now lets examine: PC port is bad with controls that tell you to "gently" press LMB. Performance is 15~fps on 2/3 review machines

    I will agree with the first part of this statement, In order to perform a focus shot ( enhances your accuracy) you must gently pull the Right trigger (In my case playing the 360 version), this might be a little hard for people with average mouses. For the second part of the statement, I can only ask what specs were they running because I find it hard to believe that this game is running at 15fps with recommended specs.

    Lets address the story SPOILER FREE:
    Lets face it, Hitman's story has never been the forefront of the series. Each title involves something that happens in the beginning that takes you on a hunt for information until you make it to the end and kill the final bad guy. In Silent Assassin, father Emilio is abducted which takes you all across the globe looking for information to get him back. In Contracts, 47 is laying on his death table enjoying sick flashbacks of killing people in early in his career (captivating story). My point is that Hitman never really dwelled on story but, what mattered was how you completed the mission.

    I will say that Absolution does a better job than its predecessors at linking each mission together. I'm not wondering why I'm at such and such locations like in previous titles. The cut scenes do a great job of keeping you informed.

    Addressing The A.I

    The A.I runs about the same as previous titles... They're dumb, hands down... I will agree with this. I can throw a bottle right at an A.I's feet and as long as I'm out of view they will "check the scene out". This hasn't taken away any of the fun out of any of the previous titles and this doesn't.

    Guns don't carry over missions:

    This is also true, I have yet to beat the game but there are an abundance of weapons throughout each level. I can't this with 100% certainty but I think you will be able to enter missions with weapons once you beat the game. I mean, Hitman has always been about the tools of the trade. But like I said, I am not sure.

    Objectives are usually to open a door, not to kill someone

    Have played through 5 missions... Not a single objective to open a door, has always been to kill someone so I don't know which game Ian was playing... Down right lie.

    Levels are small:

    This is in part true. I've only played through 5 missions but they've been either medium sized or small, such as the king of china town mission. Compared to previous titles, they've scaled back on size and focused on different ways of taking out a target. Not sure how many missions are available but thus far each mission has taken an average of 25-35 minutes except for the king of china town mission being extremely short ( 10 minutes or less). I've Read reports that the game is 13-15 hours. I will update this when I complete the game.

    Thus far in the 5 missions I've played I can confidently say, that the mechanics that made Hitman "Hitman" are still intact. Stealth is still very important. Killing only the target yields better rewards, and the addition to CQC ( button prompts ) is very cool. I enjoy being able to pick up that screw driver and throw it into someone's head. Fiber wire is still awesome, Silver Ballers still knock anyone in its way down. I never liked the idea of the Instinct meter but hey, You don't even have to play with it so I can ignore it! Overall I'm enjoying the game as I thought I would

    If you have any questions that aren't spoiler related feel free to ask and I will answer them to the best of my ability.
    Its late... probably some typos in there somewhere but I think I got my general point across...

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