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    Angry The Big Picture?

    I am writing in reference to the current issue of PC Gamer Letter from the readers, specifically, the excellent letter titled “Completely scalable” from “Gumption”.

    The letter suggested that game developers seem to be staying away from the necessity of high-end hardware in favor of pushing the limits of existing, less powerful hardware that is more easily affordable.

    While Adam Oxford (PC Gaming Editor) consistently bemoans the fact that he is relegated to the same tired, mid-level PC build, month after month. Obviously, Adam is not in charge as I am sure that he would produce at least a few high-end builds that would make anyone envious.

    PCG Editor answered “Gumptions” letter with “Would that be so terrible”. “There’s a lot to be said for working within limitations…”.

    Really? Isn’t that what console manufactures are doing, creating a more or less level playing field with everyone using the same hardware?

    Could politics be involved? PC Gamer is owned by “Future US, Inc.” who also publishes the “Official Xbox Magazine”, “Playstation: The Official Magazine”, “Nintendo Power”, and others.

    Could PCG be seen as promoting low-end, to mid-level PC rigs so as not to offend its sister console magazines?

    I have been a PC gamer for years and at one time subscribed to several PC Gaming magazines. Sadly, all but one is gone.

    I am interested in acquiring better hardware that can produce an edge over console gamers, especially in games like BF3. I would think that many “PC Gamer” feel similarly. It would be nice if PC Gamer actually supported the hardware side of PC Gaming rather than a “one size fits all” philosophy.
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