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    Old 11-06-2012, 05:22 PM
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    Default Future rebalancing in Eve

    Hi folks


    Here's the latest dev blog about what's happening after Retribution comes out in December. Something to note is what's going to happen to the Destroyer and Battlecruiser skills.

    They are being split up into racial variants so for example the Proph, Harb and Oracle will now need amarr cruiser IV and amarr battlecruiser. The upshot of this is that you really really want to train up all four racial cruiser skills to III and then get the current generic battlecruiser skill to V asap. This way you train one level V skill and get all four when the change comes. I imagine the other Vets will back me up when I say that Battlecruisers V is one of the most useful skills you can ever train.

    Note you only get the racial skill if you had the prerequiste skill trained first, frigate for destroyers and cruiser for battlecruiser so to get all four racial skills you need to train all four frigate and cruiser skills up before the change happens.
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