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    Old 10-29-2012, 10:55 AM
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    Default Roam Training - Sign Up

    Ladies and Gents,

    We seem to have settled into a nice rhythm now of RvB Ganked being a regular thing for the Corp to attend to get its weekly PvP fix.

    We're also seeing some pretty exciting things - last night we took down a Battleship (Megathron), took down a POS and took a big slice out of a Rorqual before his carrier friend showed up to ruin the fun.

    I know a few people are a little nervous of joining because they don't necessarily have the experience of navigating the routes, picking up on the data that's being broadcast and are generally not as confident as others.

    If anyone's interested, please use this thread as a sign up for some training. The goal will be to slowly and patiently run through all the things you'll come across in a roam, and to go at the pace of the slowest member.

    We'll start by running through High Sec, practice moving from system to system, getting to safe spots and how to follow instructions that are broadcast, and where to pick them up.

    If everyone's up for it we can then take a tour through low-sec and see what we can find to kill, or give us an insta-teleport back to Stac,

    We'll see how many names we can get, then pick a date. And we can keep doing it until everyone is confident.

    Vent is a must, although if you don't want to talk, or prefer to type questions you can just listen. You don't even need a headset for that.

    Bring small ships, and assume that they will be destroyed (if we go through low sec). Step one of the training will be in always insuring your ship, and always making sure your clone is up to date.

    We can even speak to Sam nicely about doing a production run of something using our ever increasing pile of mining op materials.


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