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    Old 10-18-2012, 09:23 PM
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    Post Just Introducing Myself

    Hi everyone,

    I've just registered to the forums after finishing the November 2012 PC Gamer release which is now the 3rd one of my subscription. I'm not a reader by nature, but I am a PC Gamer; so I figured I could kill two birds with one stone by taking out a subscription, and so far I'm loving it.

    My name is James and I'm 23 from the North-West of England. I've been a PC Gamer since I was around 11 years old starting off with Worlds Away before moving onto Ultima Online where I spent a good six years role-playing on the Europa shard whilst also experimenting with a variety of games from other categories, mostly FPS' and RTS'; Natural Selection 1 has a lot to explain for a big part of my GCSE grades...

    Post-Sixth Form, I've continued to dabble heavily into a variety of MMOs, FPS and RTS - never being amazing at any of them in particular, but always finding the golden nugget of enjoying myself in each. A bit of a Jack of all Games if you will.

    Throughout my years of gaming, I've maintained a large handful of friends, gaming regulars who I'm still in contact and play with today, but because of generally growing up and older, gaining responsible adult things like full-time jobs, shift work and relationships, it can be pretty hard to see these friends at convenient times, let alone have them enjoy the same games I'm currently into.

    So that's largely what I'd like to find here; some new people to game with who I can in turn call friends as well.

    I'm a pretty laid-back guy when it comes to gaming as it's my haven to unwind from the stresses of my job; I care little for squabbles or drama - I just want to enjoy the spare time I have on my computer.

    I have a 20-man TeamSpeak 3 server that myself, my brothers and friends use from time to time when playing games, and it's a relatively open invitation for friends of friends, or indeed anyone to come on and talk with others whilst gaming, so long as they're not a nasty piece of work. I can offer the details for my server to anyone who wants to get to know and game with me, or in fact anyone who just needs readily available VoIP from time to time for themselves and a couple of friends (but don't be too anti-social with it)

    The games I'm currently wanting to focus on are:

    [LIST][*]Guild Wars 2 (Have freshly dinged 80 Guardian on Gunnar's Hold, fortunately the same server as PCG guild - might join it!)[*]Planetside 2 (need to figure out how to get a beta invite first...)[*]DotA 2 (new water for me, but taking advantage of the beta code in the latest PCG issue)[*]Rome Strategy games (R:TW? Itching since hearing of R2:TW... Of the series, I personally preferred the "Stainless Steel" mod for M2:TW - Kingdoms. Exceptional.)[*]Skyrim (I'm notorious for never finishing an RPG or RTS campaign =[ )[*]Sins of a Solar Empire - Rebellion (Friends that made me get Trinity won't upgrade and think matches take too long to bother with (they do to be fair), but they're awesome and I wanna try it out on my new PC.)[*]Natural Selection 2 (nostalgia with new graphics and new ideas)[/LIST]
    If you've got any interest in getting to know more about me or playing any of the above games with me, feel free to send me a PM or an e-mail and I'll be sure to be in touch. Otherwise, add me on steam - My username is Heskey but I think people only have luck adding me with my e-mail address: [email]heskey@dbzmail.com[/email] (don't judge me, I was like 12 =P )

    Thanks for reading.

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