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    Default PCGamer.com in Politics

    I am posting in regard to [URL="http://www.pcgamer.com/2012/10/06/gamers-arent-fit-for-political-office-suggest-maine-republicans/"]this topic on the front page [/URL].

    I would love to read more on how politics effects me as a gamer, but this article doesn't effect anyone in any way. This is gossip; He-said, She-said that I think mirrored classy, well articulated trolling.

    Now, please don't get me wrong, I like everybody and I respect everyone's opinions. I am a conservative person. Unfortunately, I am reminded every day that people are unhappy with the way I view things, and what I believe in. I served 4 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I sometimes feel like everywhere I go I am faced with reminders of how guys like me have been, and always will be, used for political gain on both sides (Republican & Democrat). None of them truly care about me or my family, I have realized this long ago. It is almost election day, and being in Afghanistan now, all of the few channels we get are almost entirely political, MSNBC trashing Republicans, and Fox hating the Democrats. Now it seems like even PCGamer is choosing sides.

    I play games to get away, and I enjoy reading PCGamer.com because I can't get the magazines out here. Games are an escape for me, and I know a lot of people who will agree. Marsh Davies may not have intended to be offensive, he is a great writer and a great guy, but after reading the comments, I feel like there was an oversight on how the subject might effect everyone, particularly my demographic. Ultimately, after reading the Article, and seeing the comments, I was quite offended.


    I will never stray from PCGamer. I know that some people are entertained by these stories, and some may love to see my Republican representatives folly. There are places for that, however, and I would like to leave this message as feedback from a loyal reader and fan. Thank you for everything you do.

    Chris "Tooterfish" Manginelli

    Read my blog @ www.tooterfish.com
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