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    Old 10-06-2012, 09:18 AM
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    Default Guild and Activity/Companionship

    Hi Guys

    Ive been somewhat sharp over the past few days with the high scores reviewers have been giving GW2, as my experience hasnt been the best.

    Ive got to end game, hung around for a week, done pvp (Come on admit it it is Warhammer isnt it), and done 81% of content, (Again, come on , the Events are from Rift arent they?) Done all dungeons 3 or 4 times if not more. My wife also plays.

    Cant see what else to do, apart from join a big big guild and have some proper GW2 fun, to find out what I/ We have been missing.

    I have a level 80 Charr Warrior, and a level 50 Funny Lil Fire dude. Charr is in full Exotic, dual wield Axes, again both Legendary/Named. Little funny dude has yellow kit, been upgrading every 5 levels or so, luckily cos Im retired , and dont drink or smoke (Yeah I know, painful isnt it ) So We do get to have a lot of spare cyber money to pour into our gaming to ensure we are always kitted up to the best of our abilities at all times.

    Ive not been able to find a guild that is friendly and helpful, and mature. Weve joined 3 so far, but each has been very inactive, with 40 or 50 on their roster but struggling to make a 5 man group) or is full of kids etc.

    We have been playing on Underworld, and the lack of dungeons/ group activities has meant that Ive not even logged in the past few days.

    So, Ive been reading PCG since the early days (I'm 50 ish) Always been meaning to try out one of your guilds.

    Would you guys have a space for a 50 ish, retired/ disabled ex betting shop owner, who plays @12 hrs a day every day, and uses his gaming as his sole means of companionship/ chatting etc (Im kinda housebound, dont get out much these days.)

    Been reading your guild pages , again since who knows when, even before hamsters invaded and the wheels got bigger.

    Been playing 'Online MMO' since around 1989 ish when a mate got Ultima 1 or 2 or whichever one it was, to work on lan, then we all got stuck into UO on day 1 beta. Collected all those unlocked down artifacts, and for 10 years had the biggest museums on 5 shards. Played every AA mmo since, along with a severely stupid number of F2P grindathons.We do have a lot of experience, either in the the holy trinity, or with mechanics like GW2 etc.

    Would we be welcome, and entertained, and be understood when a nurse turns up mid event and I have to log for 30 mins etc. Will happily change server if theres room for us 2 senile old folks who just want to get deeper in, and also to chat once in a while.

    Look forward to hearing from you guys.

    All the best

    45-50 ish, retired due to illness/disability ) Independant Betting shop/ Bookie.

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