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    Default Lich King Tactics and Raid Password - READ THIS

    Hi all,

    Here is a brief summary of the tactics we'll be using to defeat Arthas tomorrow, intended as a refresher for those of you who haven't done it for a while. If tomorrow will be your first time, please watch some tankspot and bosskiller videos, but also read the following.

    This week's raid access password is in two parts, hidden amongst the text below. It is the name of a fantastic sportsman.


    PHASE 1

    Arthas himself is tanked close to the centre of his platform, facing toward the offtank, who stands about 12 yards away, near the edge of the platform. The ranged and healers stack up about 12 yards to the right of the offtank, forming a triangle with the MT and OT. The OT picks up all the adds that spawn, and ranged DPS nuke down the first Shambling Horror, letting the disease kill the rest. When a random raid member is infected with Necrotic Plague, they have 3 seconds to move to the OT and the stack of adds in order to receive a cleanse. Failing to move in time results in instant death. At 70%, the phase ends.


    The raid moves quickly to the outer part of the ledge. A couple of ranged DPS will be assigned to kill the incoming frost spheres before they can reach the raid and AoE knockback everyone. Four adds will spawn, called Raging Spirits, targetted at random raid members, one at a time. An assigned tank will taunt them, and all DPS will nuke them, once after the other. Standing in front of these adds is bad.

    PHASE 2

    Once the transition is over, the raid quickly moves to the middle, staying behind any remaining Raging Spirits and away from any remaining Frost Spheres. The raid stacks immediately, ready for the first Valkyr spawn. The DPS will be pre-assigned to stun and slow the valkyrs, whilst they are burned down fast. The first part is Graeme. As well as stacking up for the Valkyrs, the raid needs to be ready to spread out for Defile. The targetted person must get away from anyone around him/her, and drop the AoE somewhere safe. There will be 2 tanks for the Lich King, to deal with Soul Reaper.


    Is the same as the first transition, except with an extra add, and bloodlust and cooldowns to cope with it.

    PHASE 3

    Is hardest at first, as the raid deals with any remaining Raging Spirits. The boss will regularly summon a swarm of Vile Spirits, which are the most important target for all ranged DPS as soon as they begin to spawn. The other part is Swann. A random raid member will be targetted by the boss and placed inside Frostmourne. They need fast heals to survive the attack, and once inside they need to either DPS the baddie or heal the goodie, and dispel or interrupt as much as possible. If they success they are released, if they fail they die and Arthas gets mad and spanks the tanks. Vile Spirits continue to spawn very regularly, and need to be constantly attacked and avoided; they explode if they touch their aggro target. At 10%, we win.

    As I said, that is a refresher for those who've done it, anyone new will need to watch videos.

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