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    Old 09-10-2012, 01:36 AM
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    Arrow Obstacle Course Tournament (with prizes!)

    Coming in December (specific date TBA), I'll be holding a racing tournament on my Super Mario Bros. obstacle course build!

    The top players will receive prizes of their choice in ranking order.

    [SIZE="4"]The format:[/SIZE]

    The races will be run one-at-a-time and recorded, then compared to the runs of the other players in your bracket. The leading player moves on. If there are enough open slots, the players with the best remaining race times will also advance.

    The course itself is split into eight Worlds. Each World is its own leg of the race and will be held in a separate round. The final round will have four players competing.

    Rankings will be determined first by round, and then by race time in their final round (wildcard status).

    Prizes (Steam games) will be awarded by rank. First place gets first choice, and so on until I run out of prizes. (Note: if you already own a copy of all remaining games, please be a gentleman/-woman and pass your prize down the line. This won't be likely, but it might still happen.)

    [SIZE="4"]The rules:[/SIZE]

    You'll run one-at-a-time over the course to reach the end of the World. Each World is split into four levels, each of which has a castle at the end. To complete a level, you must raise its flag (there's a lever inside the castle). To complete a World, you must raise all four flags in order.

    If you fall off the course, you must return to the last ladder from the ground you passed or use one of your Ender Pearls. You may not take this opportunity to skip ahead.

    Warp Zones are allowed but extremely impractical, as you'll still need to trek back and raise the flags you skipped.

    You'll be allowed five Ender Pearls over the course of the entire tournament, so while you've got lifelines, you'll need to use them wisely.

    You may not alter, place, or remove any blocks on, next to, above, or under the course.

    Breaking any rule above leads to automatic disqualification. Disqualified contestants rank below eliminated ones but above anyone disqualified before them.

    [SIZE="4"]End result:[/SIZE]

    The recorded runs will (eventually) be spliced together and uploaded onto YouTube for enjoyment of the Internet.

    [SIZE="4"]How to sign up:[/SIZE]

    Go to the start of the course and follow the glowstone until you see the signup board. Add a sign with your username and some optional smacktalk. If the front fills up, use the back.

    [SIZE="4"]The Prizes![/SIZE]

    As I said, I'll be offering a list of Steam games to the top players, in rank order. They can take any one prize they like that remains on the list. Please, if you don't want any prizes left, please pass it down the line (the same number of prizes will still be given, though).

    Also, please don't expect gigantic or expensive stuff from me. I'm paying for these prizes out of my own pocket. Thanks.

    [SIZE="4"]In the meantime:[/SIZE]

    You're allowed to practice the course until the games open. You can find it in the main world at /warp smb.

    Also, tell your friends! The more players sign up, the more prizes there will be!

    If you see any games in a Steam sale that sound like good prize material, please let me know here. However, please keep in mind that I'm paying for these out-of-pocket, so there's only so much I can afford.

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