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    Old 08-24-2012, 10:37 AM
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    Default Remove all posts by me

    I really don't care anymore. after today I'm just going to be in my rapture build with my close group of friends and I'm done with chat. Sorry for those that wanted it but I wont be building Hunger games anymore. You guys have anarchy now so have fun with that. to the mods and admins this isn't about what happened in anarchy. I'm not mad about that. I'm just going to stick to my close group of friends and not worry about the other stuff on the server. I wont be posting "helpful stuff" anymore and I'll be sticking with my youtube channel. Any vids i make on the server will but have a PCgamer logo or chat box in them, nor will I take any vid of other players builds so as to not violate their rights. since the rapture build was made by many more then just me do not delete the build to punish me for this post. just ban me and let them build and have fun doing it.

    For those to lazy to read my rantings

    *im not building the HG anymore
    *im only going to be in rapture for now on
    *Im not going to be talking in chat
    *My vids are rapture only and will have no PCgame logos
    *do not punish my friends by deleting rapture just punish me with a ban if you feel it necessary

    I did try to keep this forum free of "dirty air" but now im posting it myself...=s
    #include <stdio,h>
    int main(void)
    int count;

    printf("Your argument is invalid.");
    return 0;
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