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    Old 08-11-2012, 09:21 AM
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    Default Recruitment - Heads Up

    Just a heads up for those wishing to join PCG in Guild Wars 2

    (The info below is mostly from a few threads on the GW2 forums)

    The PC Gamer guild now have their own forum here http://pcggw.com/home
    Please go there to register and join up on the forums

    1. You can make an app here but in order to actually join the guild you will need to send a PM or in-game mail, in game to the Leader or an Officer (kind of obvious I guess).
    (Leader Edit - Also, we have a website that you should apply to as well. [url]www.PCGGW.com[/url] )

    2. If you joined in any of the beta events, Anet will be resetting all characters and registers for the official release so you will need to rejoin the guild on the official release of the game which is the 25-08-2012 for us pre-start happy chappies.

    3. Give the leader (RealoFoxtrot) and the officers a bit of time before jamming their chat with applications. Remember that they want to experience the game as much as you do and although a guild will be set up ASAP, it isn't going to be created instantaneously.

    4. Current leadership contacts are:
    Guild Leader / Editor = RealoFoxtrot. IGN = Pyrian Belmonte
    Officers / Deputy Editors = Olgit, SnoodBear, Kosmos, Zala

    Other ranks will be:
    Section Editors are people who help new users. Will be selecting trusted people in the first week.

    Staff Writer
    Woo Hoo! you're a full member of the guild!

    New members start here, but ask and you shall become a Staff Writer.

    5. The server currently favourite for rolling on is Boreal Station. However please check back on the forums before you go hell for leather in case this changes. EDIT - THIS SERVER DROPPED FROM THE LIST SO THE NEW PC GAMER GUILD SERVER WILL BE ANNOUNCED SOON ON http://pcggw.com/home

    Oh yeah...

    6. Have fun!

    Hope that helps anyone browsing the forums.


    EDIT: Apparently, for those of us who have already purchased the game and are entitled to the early start, the game goes live on Saturday 25th August at 08.00hrs UK time.

    (No idea what that is in Pacific time, Mongolian time or Hammer time, but its around about 29.65hrs in the Land of Cake which floats above the clouds of your planet in a shroud of invisibility. I must return there shortly for sustenance).
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