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    Default SavageRealms | Towny | Quest | PvP | 24/7

    [FONT="Century Gothic"][SIZE="6"][CENTER]Welcome To SavageRealms[/CENTER][/SIZE][/FONT]

    [CENTER][SIZE="4"][FONT="Century Gothic"]Log In At:[/FONT][/SIZE][SIZE="6"][FONT="Courier New"]play.savagerealms.net[/FONT][/SIZE][/CENTER]

    [SIZE="4"][FONT="Century Gothic"]About: [/FONT][/SIZE]

    Tired of wandering aimlessly for something to do, unresponsive admins, laggy servers, lack of content, or just being bored?
    Then Savage Realms is the server for you! After nearly a year of work we are getting RAVE reviews.
    The purpose of this server is for you to log in and be able to have fun!
    No lag and a professional staff ensure fun no matter if you want to Build/Towns, PvP/Raid, or go do Dungeons and Quests.
    There is truly something for everyone with Towns, Building, Full PvP, Raiding Bases, Dungeons, Boss Fights, Quests, Events, and more!
    Just read what our members have to say(listed further down in the post.)

    [SIZE="4"][FONT="Century Gothic"]Server Info:[/FONT][/SIZE]

    [SIZE="3"][FONT="Century Gothic"]Adventures![/FONT][/SIZE] - The worlds are created with adventure in mind. We want you to have fun. Build, do a dungeon, PvP, events, it's all here!

    [SIZE="4"][FONT="Century Gothic"]BUILD/TOWNS[/FONT][/SIZE] - Join or start your own town!
    Build whatever you want and have it protected so that you can show off your great creations to everyone.
    Do everything that Minecraft offers and MUCH more!

    [SIZE="4"][FONT="Century Gothic"]RPG/DUNGEONS[/FONT][/SIZE] - Go to the RPG World and progress from the easy quests and
    dungeons early on all the way to the most dangerous and trying boss monsters later on.
    Or maybe you want to just go through and site see our EPIC custom biomes and world which house all of the dungeons, quests, bosses, and adventure!

    [SIZE="4"][FONT="Century Gothic"]PVP/RAID[/FONT][/SIZE] - Do you enjoy PvP? Well, then it does not get better than this!
    Go to our full PvP and Raid world.
    Experience LOADS of all out full PvP. Break in to a base using TNT and raid all their stuff.
    Join a Faction and dominate the world!

    [SIZE="4"][FONT="Century Gothic"]EVENTS/TOURNAMENTS[/FONT][/SIZE] - Go to our Events world and do automated Arena's and Events along with several other people at any time.
    Or join one of our HUGE mod run events!
    Ever seen a 100 player CTF?
    We have had several and they are a blast!

    [SIZE="4"][FONT="Century Gothic"]LAG FREE[/FONT][/SIZE] - Our revolutionary interconnected and seamless multi server setup along with all of our server side modifications guarantee the best Lag Free experience!

    [SIZE="4"][FONT="Century Gothic"]ANTI CHEAT[/FONT][/SIZE] - We have one of the best anti cheat systems in place. We have applied tricks to fight hackers on our server not seen elsewhere.
    Also, with our professional admins if anybody does manage to hack, they are quickly caught and banned. Once again, ask our members.

    [SIZE="6"][FONT="Century Gothic"]How to become a Member:[/FONT][/SIZE] [SIZE="4"][FONT="Courier New"] Reply to this thread with the following:[/FONT][/SIZE]
    Your "IGN" (In Game Name)
    Have you voted for Savage Realms at all 3 sites mentioned below?
    Any questions/concerns/comments? If not, that's ok.
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