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    Old 08-16-2010, 08:22 AM
    Mibeshu Mibeshu is offline
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    Then it's decided, there'll be no village redevelopment.

    Although, there's one thing that confuses me. You guys keep saying about imping the buildings and fences up to 20ql so you have more time for projects and yet all I've seen people do is repair stuff. You need more wood for this yet when I first came to the FC1, it was completely broken and doesn't seem to have been looked after. It's only now, after a week of work that the trees are finally ready to be cut for wood.

    You speak about leaving buildings up for new villages as though you expect there'll be another influx of people, but I'll tell you now, there will never be a large number again. Ever. When we started, we were lucky to get one new person a week and that was off the top of a couple of PCG articles.

    When Red Dove was built, it was out of necessity that we had food to feed the 30 or so people in the village. Now there are 8 (only about half come on regularly) and you've got 3 farms and 2 FCs to maintain, plus the SK, mine, tunnel, houses, goblin, free house, storage unit and the remants of the fort. The work you've got cut out for youselves is going to be too much. The storage unit is broken and all the stuff is gone, the tunnel had collapsed, the FC1 was unworkable, the crop farm has grassed over, the animals are diseased, the kitchen was stocked with carts and the mine was in disrepair. This village will be doing nothing but repairing and maintaining till the servers merge and any new people to the village will be instantly put off by the mundane work before them, which is one of the reasons why I think they should be able to build their own houses; it's a nice little project for them. By just giving them an old house, they have no sense of ownership over it and it will never feel like theirs. All they will have to look forward to is a lifetime of reparations for a bunch of facilities they will never have use for.

    I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, I've no intention of changing the way in which you guys have fun, these are simply observations I've noticed since I came back. I've no right to tell you how to have fun or what you need to do to improve the village, I just thought I could help.
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    Old 08-16-2010, 09:48 AM
    Jekev Jekev is offline
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    I think the villages state of disrepair may have been due to Isosto being on holiday for a few weeks, as I get the impression he does a lot of the work and upkeep around the village.

    As to huge rushes of new people, we recieved one when first mentioned on the podcast, and hopefully a promised plug on the blog will introduce some new players. Although that is probably best kept for after the merge so players aren't arriving on GV to find themselves in Freedom a few days into trying to get to grips with the game.
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    Old 08-16-2010, 10:36 PM
    Bohdan Bohdan is offline
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    How about this,why don't we direct new villagers to build nearer to the village center. The houses that were built and abandoned by villagers we let fall because,lets face it,most new players want to build their own house,that's one of the first thing people want to do. If a new villager needs someplace to crash while he builds his own place we can put a bed in Red Dove and/or FC1. As for FC2,i built it and i try to maintain it with the limited time i have online during the week due to work. It was sorely needed when it was built and i see no need to destroy it just because.

    As for projects, I would love to see Fort PCG stand again as well as PCG Docks. Both are worthy projects. A ship would be amazing to see sitting there,i gotta agree with that barb
    Currently, i'm working on lamps for the village. I've started at my place and will be spreading them around towards village center.
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    Old 08-17-2010, 11:17 AM
    Barbaresco Barbaresco is offline
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    Bohdan's suggestion sounds like a workable combination of the good points from each camp. I think and I'm pretty sure most would agree, it is, after all, what Wurm is all about, new people do want to create their own place, from scratch, feels more like home then but also, when they turn up with a cart containing their lifelong toils, a secure place to stay for the short term, while they check out the possibilities, is very handy. Perhaps a couple maybe just one, 1x1s. Cuts down on maintenance.

    One point I would like to raise again, is the suggestion of each villager taking responsibility, for the checking of at the very least, for a number of structure(s) and maybe reporting the checked date on the Village Maintenance thread, though maybe multiple people can't be given access to edit the original post. Maybe a link to a Google doc in it. It does seem as though maintenance is falling to just 1 or 2 people, from what I've read. Mind you, my problem is REMEMBERING to do the checking

    Keeping the new impetus provided by Mibeshu and Donbar going, perhaps now is the time to lay down some more formal, forcable village membership rules, regulations, conditions, whatever you want to call them.

    Barbaresco the Worried.
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