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    Old 06-10-2012, 08:05 AM
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    Default Liveware's Application

    Eve name: Liveware
    PCG Forum name: Silence

    Character is my: MAIN
    Playing Eve since: God knows how long off and on. Original player at game launch but character lost.
    Actual Skill Points: 11,718,277

    Main Profession(s): Missioning, Exploration, PVP
    Usual Eve Time online: Evening / Night

    I would like to join PCGE Corp because ….. Returning to game after a long break and looking for a casual but engaging corp. Long time mag reader. Previously in Revel Alliance in SWTOR. Not into mining, hauling or industry, happy to run escort, cov ops etc. No WH experience (something I'd like to change!). Toon entirely ship/combat skilled, frigates, assaults, cov ops, Caldari battleships, most Amarr. Only industry skill is mining IV, shock!

    Currently in cooldown from current corp, should be free at start of this week! Be kicking around online today (Sunday). Would appreciate a chat so I can start moving home!

    (edit: and I fly ceptors too, this char is frig specialist mainly, not too expensive to lose!)

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