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    Default Jet Bastards : Aussie Planetside 2 Clan : Recruiting for a Air Cavalry Platoon

    [list][*] Platoon Name : Jet Bastards.[*] Members : About half Australian, half American and a few token night shift working Europeans.[*] Empire: New Conglomerate.[*] Type : Air Cavalry. ([url=http://jetbastards.enjin.com/forum/m/5895326/viewthread/3430797-what-air-cavalry]Definition Link[/url])[*] Platoon Size : Aiming for about 30-60 for our main Duty Roster (not including Reserves) and we're not far away.[*] Primary units : Different varieties of Jets and also Airborne Infantry.[*] Attitude : Often relaxed but extremely formal on preorganized Platoon Outings.[*] Recruitment : More the merrier. We have roles to fit most players but our recruitment focus is Pilots and Infantry.[*] Servers : Yet to be decided.[*] Rules : Don't be a Dick. It is your intent that will decide if I slap the shit outta ya and/or kick you from the Platoon or not.[*] Microphone : Required, Headset preferred.[/list]

    We will have stringently formal scheduled Formal outings once a week and optional Formal outings also once a week but most of the time we'll be rolling with whoever is online at the time doing pretty much whatever. To qualify for the Active Duty Roster your going to have to be able to make our Formal Outings. If you can not then you will be going on the Reserves Roster.

    We've done a lot of work on making sure people know exactly what they need to do before they step onto the field. We have both a Required Reading List that is straight to the point and a Recommended Reading List that has extra Details and Recruit Handbooks.
    Originally Posted by Sun Tzu
    The general who wins a battle makes many calculations before the battle is fought. The general who loses a battle makes but a few calculations beforehand. Thus do many calculations lead to victory, and few calculations to defeat; how much more no calculations at all!
    At the moment we are considering scheduling our formal outings for about Midday Sunday Aussie time and 8pm American time, but that is most likely to change or at least get fine tuned once Beta's out and we figure out when is most convenient for the majority of our members. Occasionally on Formal Outings we will also be coordinating with one of our Comrade Clans. We are also considering scheduling a optional Saturday outing too.

    We are considering cycling through Aussie and American servers to both make it fair for both Aussie and American members and so people don't get used to us and we retain the element of surprise. I'll be doing a pole on this to see what members think once Beta's out.

    We are recruiting both Pilots and Airborne Infantry of a few different varieties and also have a few non combat roles for those of you that are not FPS fiends or Jet Jockey's or simply need a role to fill while shaking the rust. Infact some of our non combat roles are some of our most important. If transports can indeed carry vehicles like they could in the original we will also require vehicle Crews. We like to put people in their preferred roles as much as possible as it is often where they are most efficient. I won't go into too much detail on the specifics however as that is Platoon Business.

    The main thing we are seeking is Players that can work well as part of a very organized and regimented team. While we do highly value our skilled players, combat skills are much easier to learn than the ability to work with your team mates. We have a large collection of reading material for developing rusty players and polishing our skilled players.

    If you are hesitant about joining because you either don't have a lot of spare time or don't have dependable spare time don't worry because we have a Reserves Squad that essentially fill gaps in other squads if someone doesn't show and generally go where they are needed most.

    I've got a list of links to places where we've been recruiting on the forums that I check regularly so either drop a comment or send me a msg either here or on the Jet Bastard forums and I'll be happy to answer you.

    I hope to see you on the forum soon.


    Here is a video from the PS2 Alpha Build of some players doing something sort of similiar except we are structured differently and they've not got any Ground Troops. (we'll be replacing this video with our own once Beta is out.)
    (anyone know how to get video working on here?)

    While we'll be doing Platoon outings once a week we'll also be doing Multi Platoon outings once a month.

    We currently have 3 Comrade Clans and are negotiating with a Armored Column and Defense Specialist Platoon to balance out our repertoire. If your a Platoon CO send me a private msg on the Jet Bastard Forums and I'll add you to the Inter Clan Communication section after discussing it with the other Platoon CO's.

    Current Comrade Clan List :
    Jet Bastards - Air Cavalry Platoon
    Omega Company - Dirty Tricks Department
    Noble Legion - Special Forces
    Gorilla Militia - Siege Specialists

    The only reason I did not put this bit at the top of the page is because it is very likely to change once we get our hands on the Beta and we do a survey on who's available when. At the moment we are considering scheduling our Weekly Formal Outings at Midday Sunday Aussie Time (+10) or 8pm American Time (-6) with a optional outing on the Saturday. If you are unable to reliably attend the Formal Outings say so on your recruitment form and you'll be assigned to the Reserves Division that essentially plays when they can, goes where they are needed and fills gaps.

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