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    Old 04-24-2012, 08:15 PM
    American_Freedom American_Freedom is offline
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    I;m still feel you are missing the point of what "community" is in a mmorpg. Community is the social aspect of the world, it is not a set of defined variables related to game objectives created by the developer. Community is an option , it is that portion of the game where players escape the real world and get lost in the virtual world.

    If the game you are playing are driving players in a direction of "choosing" instead of having a social "option" then it is simply not a community driven world. LotrO gave the players so many options, it created a very fun community to be around. When games do not support the options, you find a more rigid and unsocial game world in my opinion.

    How would you rate social aspect of SWTOR ?
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    Old 04-24-2012, 10:10 PM
    R3DT1D3 R3DT1D3 is offline
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    I think most non-community-run game websites will always cover MMO's like this due to sheer bulk. Same thing with my favorite genres FPS and RTS games. There's so many out there that the company can only really cover the most popular ones on a surface level.

    Lesson for the day: If you're really interested in a game beyond release, community websites are the only ones that matter. Games "journalists" rarely play one game for long enough to really understand the community and the state of the game much less enough to cover more than the most popular ones. If you want the press to be more proactive with developers you're looking in the wrong place.
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    Old 04-24-2012, 10:40 PM
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    I don't think the LFG tool is all that bad... what I don't like is the X-realm side of things. Yes, it means you are likely to get a group because you're likely to get a tank/healer from another server. But you're less likely to get the same tank/healer again (unless you stay in your one group over and over, or even use Battle.net to keep friends). And then there is the small group of obnoxious players who, knowing they are not likely to meet you again, will generally be dicks, by rushing the instance, or looting everything in sight.

    Before the LFG tool was out it was a chore getting a group together, I agree. But I found that the "community" was on the whole better. Players actually got to know each other a bit better as they were always grouping with the same collection of peeps. Which isn't as easy to do nowadays.

    Keep the LFG tool to just your server might bring some of that back... it might not.

    Maybe the player base has just changed too much that these rose tinted glasses are misting up.
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    Old 04-25-2012, 04:36 PM
    Mibeshu Mibeshu is offline
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    Originally Posted by American_Freedom View Post
    How would you rate social aspect of SWTOR ?
    Levels 1-15 were lovely with my Imperial Agent, I found lots of people wanting to do small heroics of which some used the basic LFG tool while others just asked in general chat. On my final day in my trial, someone was walking past me and invited me into their group where we did each other's story missions (it was fun seeing other people's stories). Other times I've grouped up with people nearby so we could cut down on the difficulty of a mission we're both doing.

    However, this is what I class as a community and I'm starting to think you see the community as something different; more of a general whole? I could sit down and chat to people in general chat, no one is obnoxious or rude and people seem to help out anyone that asks questions. Thing is, I don't play MMOs to chat to people but instead to fight along side them which is where I get my community from; the ease in which the game allows me to fight beside people.

    I must admit, from level 20 onwards, I've found fewer and fewer people willing to do heroics with me. What's more, finding a person for a flashpoint is very difficult even with spamming the chat.
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