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    Old 04-24-2012, 08:20 PM
    Ratpackin Ratpackin is offline
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    Default Just a thank you from "Rat"

    Hi all, I've read a lot of questions and occasional complaints, but thought I'd add a "Thank You" to the forum.
    I've been on a couple servers previously that left me quite discouraged - I was ready to surrender and stick with single player minecraft. -I'm very glad I gave the PC Gamer server a try. Everyone I've encountered has been fantastic. The Admins and mods are all helpful and a fun group. I'm old enough to where I didn't grow up with games (unless it involved dice and funny-money). Even though I work with a game developer, it's been a long time since I've been this addicted to a PC game. I blame you all. -Wait till I tell my wife, boy are you all in trouble.
    Anyhow, Thank you all, visit me on occasion at town Euphoria and say hi.
    -Phil "Ratpackin"

    ps. In response to those who've asked, "Ratpackin" is not eluding to anything adult themed. -I'm a car nut and it's from a car forum. A "rat" is a big block Chevy engine, that's usually what my muscle cars are packin. See? G rated
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    Old 04-25-2012, 04:40 AM
    Jpang Jpang is offline
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    Awesome! I was right where you are at now some months ago, Minecraft being my first 'true' PC game. I've kinda expanded my horizons since last April, and am slowly falling away from Minecraft, as you can all see by my server time (These 2 weeks don't count, I'm not in ANYTHING because of my Fiddler practice) but the PC Gamer US server will always be my home. I'd also like to thank everyone who helped me on this journey, like etnica, who was my first pal on the server back in 1.5, who helped my learn a lot. I know a lot of the people since then have left, and a 'new generation' has emerged. You might be seeing less and less of me, but just know I still care! I hope to see you guys in-game in the next few weeks after the Fiddler on the Roof production I'm in ends.

    Hope you keep having fun on the server, Ratpackin!

    Thanks for a great year!

    Steam: JpangElite
    Skype: jpang98
    Twitter: @JpangElite
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    Old 04-25-2012, 01:31 PM
    kernalk kernalk is offline
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    Default Oblig. copycat post

    I discovered the PCG US server by accident, not long after I first started playing Minecraft. In fact, I learned a lot about playing the game full stop on the PCG server. One day I'd been playing for a while and I knew there was a multiplayer component, so I searched for "multiplayer minecraft servers" and PCG sounded the best so I joined. I was in a totally different world.

    In the last 14 moths I have got to know the world(s) and the people. Some have come and gone, big names and big fights and all the while I've been made to feel very welcome. The moderation and administration team have been a big part of that, including some of the people who have recently become mods or admins - even before their elevations.

    I very much enjoy playing on the server. It's the only multiplayer game I really play, and although work and other pursuits take me away from MC a lot more than they used to, I still like to pop by and go for a ramble from time to time.

    I am glad for the friends I've made in PCGUSland. Thank you, everyone.
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