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    Default PCG Epic Village

    [SIZE="4"]PCG Epic Village[/SIZE]

    Sorry for being quiet for so long, but in PCG's village on the Epic cluster we've been hard at work getting the defences and workshops up and running. Below are the answers to some of the questions you might have, as well as information on how you can join us.

    [SIZE="3"]What is the Epic cluster?[/SIZE]
    The Epic cluster is a new(ish) group of servers for Wurm Online. Separate from the older servers, but allowing free movement between them. They are made up of 3 home servers and 1 central server. They are all PvP (Player vs. Player) servers, however only the kingdom who owns the home server can build villages on it, and raiders suffer a combat penalty. That hasn't stopped them of course. Free players are allowed on the home servers. The central server is open to all kingdoms to fight over, but it is limited to paying players. The servers are also subject to some different rules to the older servers, the changes can be split into two areas, Skills and Religion.

    One of the largest problems with PvP combat on the old Wild server (now called Chaos), was that some people had very high skill levels, and since everything in Wurm takes so long it made things very difficult for those wishing to join in later on. In an effort to change this two changes were implemented on Epic; firstly, you have a completely separate skill-set. If you already have an account with skills, they will still be kept, but whilst you're on Epic you will have a completely fresh set. If you go back to the Freedom (or Classic) cluster, you will continue to use your old set again. Very handy.

    Secondly, the introduction of "The Curve" (cue angelic music). This is a bit of a complicated subject, so I'll stick to the basics. Skills on Epic have a sliding scale of effectiveness, so the higher up your skills are, the less increase each skill "tick" will give you. What this allows is for new players to become productive members of the Wurm community quickly, whilst still keeping a bonus for more seasoned players. Skill-gain is also doubled on the Epic cluster. ([URL="http://wurmonline.com/wiki/index.php?title=The_Curve"]Read more about the curve here.[/URL])

    Religion has always been a big part of Rolf's (Wurm's chief) goals for Wurm, and Epic is a large step in that direction. The gods live on the largest moon, Valrei, where they battle to achieve their personal goals. Details are thin on the ground when it comes to all of this, but some information is given to the community which people have turned into maps. We (of course) recommend the one [URL="http://strikelimit.co.uk/Valrei/"]created by myself and Jekev[/URL].

    So what does all this actually mean for the players? If a god wins a scenario (by collecting a special token and returning to their home tile) random events are brought down on friends and enemies. After the first scenario was won (by an opposing god), vast trenches were gashed into the land. When our god won a more recent scenario, a huge "laser" blasted down from the moon and created large pits on the enemies servers.

    The players can help their kingdom's god(s) by completing missions they set. Sadly, at the moment they're fairly boring, sometimes even annoying. But at least most of the time, they're within our means to complete (unlike a mission we and one of our enemies had, to build 10 of the largest ships in the game).

    There are also other smaller (and not so small) differences, such as Player Made Kingdoms, but the above covers the important parts.

    [SIZE="3"]Which server is the PCG Village on?[/SIZE]
    We are located on Desertion, the Mol-Rehan home server. This choice goes back to the original village started several years ago on Golden Valley, and also means that free players can come and stay.

    [SIZE="3"]How do I join the PCG Village?[/SIZE]
    The best way of getting in touch with us, is in our [URL="http://www.pcgamer.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1190"]IRC channel[/URL]. There are usually several people on in the evenings (UK time), and some people around at other times.

    Otherwise you can post an introduction thread in [URL="http://www.pcgamer.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=31"]The Grizzly Beer Inn[/URL] and we can sort things from there.

    [SIZE="3"]How do I get to the PCG Village?[/SIZE]
    We try to keep our exact location secret, in the hopes of making it more difficult for raiders to find us. Some know of our location, but it may stop more opportunistic raiders.

    However if you follow the above instructions, we can either escort, direct, or provide a map to get to us.

    [SIZE="3"]Does this mean the PCG Freedom Village is gone?[/SIZE]
    No, it's still there. However few people live there now, as we're mostly on Epic. If you wish to join the Freedom Village though, just pop into our IRC channel and we can hopefully get you sorted.
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