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    Old 02-22-2012, 01:12 AM
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    Default Hard Mode Flashpoints!

    Apologize if this has already been posted elsewhere...

    Feel free to post a need for any specific flashpoints you want to get a group together for. People are *slowly* getting pieces of their PvE sets, and it can be tough finding a PUG for a particular location, especially where you are the only one of your class.

    For me: I'm down to only needing boots and helm, so Anyone wanting to run Foundry and Kaon give me a shout!

    And for the record, the list of what drops where:

    Black Talon - Bracers
    Boarding Party - Gloves
    Foundry - Boots
    Directive 7 - Legs
    Battle of Ilum - Offhand weapon/focus/shield
    False Emperor - Chest
    Kaon - Helm

    I've been through all of them on hardmode now as well, and am happy to help with explaining the differences in the boss fights and such!

    Thanks! ~ "Larrdarr"
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