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    Old 02-20-2012, 09:12 AM
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    Post Team Red 5 Report

    As it's was the first raid for the team I thought I would post a little report.




    It was great to get everyone together for the first time and it was a successful first outing. Most of us were new to Eternity Vault but fortunately a couple had been there before so were able to explain tactics.

    Annihilation Droid XRR-3
    This was an easy one shot.

    This is a more complicated fight but great fun. We lost someone early on but a quick combat rez and there were on their feet again. The adds did not cause any issues. Again a one shot kill!

    Ancient Pylons
    This seemed to be going smoothly but quickly descended into chaos. We eventually wiped but as 4 ackleys were eating Ytter’s face Cyhy managed to click the last button to complete the puzzle. Technically a one shot but I wouldn’t like to do it that way every week.

    Infernal Council
    An easy loot piñata boss.

    This is where the fun and games started. It took a few wipes for people new to the fight to get used to platform jumping. Next we had a problem of starting the second platform jumping with someone in the air and getting them bugged. Our best attempt was getting him below 10% which was very encouraging. Then the bugs started to hit us. First Soa de-spawned; this happened a few times. Then one platform did not re-spawn so when we started the jumping there was one missing so we could not jump down safely. In the end we all jumped together and face planted for a really funny wipe.

    Next raid will be finishing of Soa and then trying Karagga's Palace.
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