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    Old 02-19-2012, 04:48 PM
    thierryfying thierryfying is offline
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    Default Team Ootini Recruiting

    as the title states, team ootini is recruiting one permanent team member.

    the accepted classes/roles are as follows:

    1. DPS mercenary, who can spec heals when needed
    2. DPS sorceror
    3. DPS sniper
    4. DPS/Tank juggernaut, who will spec tank for 4/10, and dps for 6/10 of each week's raids.

    team ootini only does hard/nightmare modes each week, while the members are free to do normal modes whenever they feel like it (we dont schedule normal modes unless to boost alts, or to boost other guild members). on that note, if a normal mode IS scheduled then members will still be expected to make it, or at least give notice if they cannot.

    some requirements if you wish to join the team:

    1. checks the ops roster *fairly* often. updates and schedules will be posted here, and members will be expected to mark attending or not. it is not a problem if you are unable to attend (we all have our other commitments), but it is essential that you mark on the roster that you will not be attending, so a replacement can be found.

    2. can use vent, with a microphone preferably.

    3. i'll put this as politely as i can, but we require someone who can (as ray puts it), "engage your intelligence".

    meaning, for one, dont keep making the same mistakes over and over. now, no prior raid experience is required, we can teach you the mechanics etc, but you have to be able to pick up on what is happening. many times things dont go the way we want them to during a boss fight, and we have to improvise on the fly.

    4. will sound elitist here, but since we will only be doing hardmodes, some gear is required. its a DPS we require and unfortunately, dps relies more heavily on gearing than others. now, i'm not expecting someone full rakata or battlemaster, but as a general statement i'd say someone with a mix of champion/columi and centurion/tionese will be perfectly fine (remodded for optimal performance is a plus).

    overall, its still a subjective decision. if you know your class well, and can use it to its full potential, then gearing will make less difference.

    applicants will be reviewed by group members and each person in the group will give their opinion and 'vote'. no bribery!
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