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    Default World Star Battle Tournament 1 - cross server play!

    The Star Battle Community is pleased to invite every StarCraft II custom maps fan to the biggest tournament in the history of user made StarCraft II maps:

    World Star Battle Tournament 1 scheduled for March 3rd and 4th

    It's been over a year since zedu uploaded the first version of Star Battle on StarCraft II EU Battle.net. Originally containing only a single ship the map has grown in complexity and there are now 8 unique ships to choose from, each with a myriad of abilities. More recently, player statistics and achievements were introduced.

    The game has enjoyed continued growth and success, and one year later it is still a front page custom game on both the EU and NA Battle.net servers, never falling far from the top. Star Battle is available to play on EU, NA, SEA and CN Battle.net. Game’s Community has expanded greatly over the past year. In addition to its original homepage and Battle.net chat channel, Star Battle now has live stream and YouTube channels, Twitter feed, Facebook community page and wiki. Dedicated free TeamSpeak 3 server provided a place for players – both veterans and new – to meet and form strong group and community bonds . Many Star Battle clans were formed and some of them celebrate their first anniversary.

    Nine tournaments and one invitational event have been awesome experiences for the participants and live stream viewers. 22 teams and over 200 people participated in the most recent tournament.

    Still, no matter how much fun tournaments provided, they were flawed in one fundamental way: being hosted on/by a particular server. Unfortunately, due to Battle.net’s regional split, each tournament was targeted towards a limited playerbase, as few players were able to play in tournaments on both servers.

    The first attempt to overcome these difficulties was made during the Summer EU Tournament 2011 (EU3), which was an experiment in using a guest pass giveaway system for non-native players. The success of that tournament demonstrated the viability of this method, and while it is not a perfect solution, it is the best alternative to the server-split tournaments we have had until now...

    That is right, we will be having world custom map tournament and every Star Battle player will have a chance to play with every other SB fan out there, no matter which region of Battle.net account they have: NA+LA, CN, SEA, EU+RU or maybe even other. Thanks to some generous donors, every player who wishes to participate in this historic event will get access to EU Battle.net for free. While most of the games will be played on EU (as the brackets will be fully mixed), pure NA teams which face each other will still be able to play on the NA Battle.net server.

    We are friendly Community always happy to welcome new members and ready to contribute to the whole StarCraft II Community. Let this event show there is no reason for server splits. We want and we *will* play with our friends from all over the world. Therefore we say: we demand cross server play for custom games!

    - OldEnt and jzerg (WSBT1 hosts, EU and NA representatives)

    [URL="http://starbattletournament.com"]http://starbattletournament.com[/URL] – sign up solo or team for World Star Battle Tournament 1 until February 26th 2012

    [URL="http://playstarbattle.com"]http://playstarbattle.com[/URL] – Star Battle homepage

    PS Dear Blizzard, please increase number of users limit for chat channels. 100 is not enough. Moderator feature is welcomed too.
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