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    Old 02-10-2012, 12:08 AM
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    Default What Streams do you Watch?

    So, I was wondering if you guys watch any progamer/community personality streams and if so, which ones, and for what reason?

    I quite like to watch some when Iím bored or feel like doing something Starcraft related thatís no actually playing the game. Right now my favourite streamers to watch are the zerg player Catz and Snute. The reason I like them isnít that they are the best Zerg players out there (there are many that are better tbh) but because they often provided commentary talking about what they are doing and why they are doing. Not only does this make it more fun to watch but it also help me understand the game a bit better and hopefully improve my own play! Plus Catz singing along to his music has kind of made me do the same when I play ^^
    If none of those players are on I usually just check a bit of iNcontroL (also provides non-stop commentary from him and his teammates) or maybe Destiny, although the constant bm he sometimes put on does get a bit tiring, as it feels he just does it for the sake of his personaÖ
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