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    Old 01-16-2012, 07:41 AM
    Aphaeas Aphaeas is offline
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    Default Raid Report 15/01/12

    Tanks: Slimbutnails and Bígbasher
    Healers: Hiarra and Archaz
    Melee: Sidjames and Asokuri
    Ranged: Zalid, Belimawr, Revvy and Aphaeas

    We ddin't have enough healers to do Ultraxion so we had to go straight to Firelands to help Zalid get his staff.

    Everything went fairly smooth up until Raggy. We had a couple of wipes so I logged my healer and he was soon dead. Unfortunately at this point we stil did not have a third healer (My druid is not up to Ultraxion standards) so we had to finish a bit early.

    Zaid is ever closer to his legendary and I am nearly at the next level of staff. I have given up all hope of actually getting the legendary myself, so chances are once Zalid has his we will no longer have to go to FL. But we will use it as a back up raid if we don't have a DS team.

    Tuesday we will be starting at 7.15pm so be on promptly. We are going to kill Ultraxion before we do LFR with Win at 8pm.

    In other news. Team Win are cutting down to two raid nights a week (Tuesday and Thursday). They have requested that we move LFR to Sunday and it seemed that everyone agreed last night. I think the sooner in the week we can get LFR done the better.

    Remember to send me flasks!
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    Old 01-16-2012, 03:59 PM
    Zalid Zalid is offline
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    Another 5 long weeks and the staff will finally be mine.
    I think we'll all be glad once we finally finish the darned thing.
    Depending on the team we have on a particular night, we may be able to work in a heoric shannox/domo every once in a while to bring it down to 4 weeks. But there is no need to stress it and it would be better to have a nice relaxed raid than people make a mistake or two and things get heated

    It was nice to get a few of our achieves for the new people, who seem to be settling in nicely.
    That [URL="http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=5813"]Do a Barrel Roll![/URL] achieve is a stupid one though. Everyone not getting hit by tornadoes is blasted hard. I can manage it once in a while. But you need everyone not to get hit
    Ah well. We'll get it sometime I'm sure.

    See you Tuesday.
    PCG Officer
    Zalid - 90 Fire/Arcane Mage (Enchanting/Tailoring) Armory
    Welsh, and proud of it. Cymru am byth.
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