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    Old 01-13-2012, 01:11 PM
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    Default Top 100 (UK Edition)

    Looking through my freshly opened PCG I notice the familiar top 100 list and skip straight to the top five so I've got something to moan about.

    A little surprised about L4D2 being so high up and still disappointed that WoW is still classed as a game but I'm generally happy to see the results. However...

    Deus Ex is at number four and Human Revolution is at number six. Now anyone that knows me on this forum will know that I tend to start foaming at the mouth at the very mention of negative views against Deus Ex but I have to wonder, is the original Deus Ex really better than HR?

    I loved Deus Ex and I'm filled with nostalgia each time I play or think about it but Human Revolution captures the spirit of the original and they gives it a good polish. Granted, I don't like the 3rd person stealth since it made it a little easy and the boss fights were awful but the majority of the game is well made and simply better than Deus Ex. If you were to give both games to someone these days and let them play through, I severely doubt any of them would pick the now creaking Deus Ex.

    I thought I'd also leave this thread open for other top 100 discussion since I'm sure that's what it will dissolve into.
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