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    Old 01-06-2012, 09:32 AM
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    Default Raid report 5/1/12

    Tanks: Slimbutnails and Sarkris
    Healers: Archaz, Zubi and Jaegar
    Melee: Sidjames
    Ranged: Belimawr, Zalid, Revvy and Aphaeas

    Well not as back to normal as I would have hoped but we should shortly be back on track!

    We have had a couple of departures over the last few weeks. We are now officially down to 9 players and I am back to taking over the reins of Team Awesome. Anyway, more of that shortly...

    We managed to kill two bosses and have a handful of attempts at the dreaded ball boss before TOR claimed one of our players and there were no others available to tank for us.
    Then we tried to go to FL but even with some switching of alts there was noone interested in joining us so rather than waste time we called it.

    I already have a new tank lined up and depending on server transfers etc I am hoping he will be with us on Sunday. We are still 9 strong and the conscencus from those 9 is that they are willing to continue to dedicate raid time to WoW so the team is still stable, we just need to take on a few more people (especially healers and a tank os). I know that some of you want to change mains which is fine. Archaz will be going druid if I can get a new Pally and I am happy for Sid to go priest as long as we can get a DPS. I also have my druid which is heals/tank, although i am still working on the tanking gear. We need to be a bit flexible for now, so even if you change your mains I may ask you to relog to other chars now and again.
    I want around 13 regular players. Yes this is more than we can take in a raid but we need to have back ups and I will rotate people in and out as necessary.

    As of now I am the raid leader (unless Sark comes back). I am a little rusty so I will need you all to give me a hand by knowing tactics and also your class like the back of your hand. If the healers are failing and you know you have a big cooldown you can use then tell me and then start using it. Or if you can interupt something then do it. My knowledge is inferior to Sarks so I really need us all to pull together!

    Flasks are looking a bit low, apart from draconic. I will review the flask list as it hasn't been done in a while.

    Sunday will be DS as long as we have numbers, Tuesday will be LFR with Win and then see what we can do (FL/DS). You can bring alts to LFR, I don't really mind, you can even come even if you are saved but I want as many people as possible in LFR to help boost morale and show that we are still a strong team.

    I have not given up on Team Awesome yet and I do not intend to anytime soon. If you spot any people in guild who could raid, point me in their direction. I have already spoken to a couple who will be trialled in the next few weeks.

    Sorry for the long post but there was a lot that needed to be said!

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