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    Old 12-13-2011, 10:09 AM
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    Default Oscar Mike BF3 Gaming Community, Win Prizes.


    Automated Community Tracker - [url]http://www.oscar-mik...actboard&ref=42[/url] [oscar-mike.eu]

    Hey guys,
    writing on behalf of the 'Oscar Mike' Battlefield 3 community, I'm excited to announce and briefly introduce a feature we have developed exclusively for our members: The Automated Community Tracker (ACT).

    However in order to understand what our tracker is for... it is important to know what our community is about. Oscar Mike was founded by a small group of Battlefield Veterans whom have been ensnared by the large scale coordination and teamplay aspect of the game since the very beginning of its franchise. Sure driving down a huge battlefield owning in a M1 Abrams is an exhilarating BF exclusive experience. But going solo means only 1 in 20 runs is ever realy successfull. Coordinating two M1 Abrams with a AH-1 Super Cobra hovering 10m above the tanks makes for an epic experience 100% of the time and is what we truly believe Battlefield to be about. These are the situations we long for, no matter at which scale... whether its with vehicles on Operation Firestorm or with two seemingly invincible squads on Sienne Crossing. We enjoy using TeamSpeak to coordinate and never forget we're playing to have fun. Trying our best in creating a bite-size casual and fun environment to play in during our free time... without any tedious obligations.
    TL;DR version: We love teamplay.

    Our philosophy may be clear, but as with many things... easier said than done. While it's always simple to come across like-minded people ingame every now and then. It is not as trivial to unite them beyond the round they just played. This is what we at Oscar Mike aim to do and one of our tools is the ACT. The ACT tracks social & teamplay oriented activities in and arround our 64 slot BF3 server. Events such as a player obtaining a Maintenance/Resupply/Medical Efficiency Ribbon, utilising our TeamSpeak3, posting on our forum or simply being on our gameserver are recorded and points are awarded to the specific members. These points can then be used to "purchase" vip privileges such as reserved slots, auto-team-balancing and other white list entries, or even the ability to switch players between teams and squads. During certain events users also have the opportunity to receive giveaways sponsored by Oscar Mike.
    TL;DR version: ACT tracks your activity, you get points, privileges and RAZER giveaways.

    We are not recruting... We are actually inviting EVERYONE who is intrigued to become a member and take part in our community. There are no requirements to age, kpd, spm or anything similar. Just bring along your enthusiasm and your love for Battlefield and we will welcome you with open arms.

    !!! The ACT is currently in BETA. The leaderboard will be reset in time for the Winter Giveaway on the 21.12.2011. We hope to have ironed out any bugs in the code as well as added more features by then !!!

    Visit us at [url]http://www.oscar-mike.eu/?ref=42[/url]
    Join us on TeamSpeak3: ts.oscar-mike.eu
    Join/Fan the Oscar Mike Platoon: [url]http://battlelog.bat...55240990008591/[/url] [battlelog.battlefield.com]
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    Old 12-19-2011, 08:12 PM
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    Our prizes!
    Rank 1 :
    Amazon Gift Card value 100 USD! Recipients can choose from millions of items across all categories. Amazon.com Gift Cards never expire, so they can buy something immediately or wait for that sale of a lifetime. (All Amazon Regions)

    Rank 2 :
    Razer Imperator 2012 Edition "The new Razer Imperator is outfitted with an ultra-precise 4G Dual Sensor System, that makes use of both a laser and an optical sensor to enhance tracking precision by calibrating to different surfaces and allowing adjustment of liftoff tracking distance. Add to that an improved rubberized side grip to provide maximum comfort and control, ensuring you're geared to win all the time."

    Rank 3 :
    Razer Scarab Mouse-Pad. "A good soldier is highly effective and never wavering in combat, and that's what the Razer Scarab Battlefield 3™ Edition delivers with its Razer Fractal 2.0 textured surface. A surface specially composed of crystalline coating with peaks and troughs to aid mice sensors in establishing highly responsive, uniform tracking. Experience smooth, effortless swipes across the surface to take enemies down with deadly efficiency."

    So register at the site and climb up the leaderboards on our servers

    Greetings Kevinario
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