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    Old 12-16-2011, 03:56 PM
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    Exclamation Mint Imperials General Guild rules.


    To avoid any confusion while playing in the MI guild, I have written a general list of things we expect from every member while wearing our Tag.

    [SIZE="3"]Social Rules[/SIZE]

    1) Please respect all other players in the game. You might be behind a keyboard and immune from physical reprisal (although I am working my way around that) but talking to players whether in the guild or not in a derogatory way will not be tolerated. This includes comments in general chat or battlegrounds or anywhere! (this includes talk such as L2P N00b and any abbreviated swearing)

    2) We have a very large guild, full of people of all ages and places. For that reason, there are a few things we would like to prohibit.
    - No talk of Religion
    - No talk of Politics
    - No typing around the swear filter

    Those restrictions are in place to keep the guild chat nice and civil as Iím sure you will agree, the above things are generally inflammatory.

    3) If you have an issue about a member or anything within the guild, please contact one of the officers. Donít start with he name calling in any way. We are not children!

    4) Provide help when you can! People in the guild will ask questions. The game is huge and with some features that are less then obvious to most newcomers. And, usually down the road, those people will help you out in your hour of need! This is essential to a great guild atmosphere.

    5) Benefiting financially from guild mates is frowned upon. Do not advertise items for sale in Guild Chat. (Advertising items you are giving away FREE however is encouraged). Selling items given to you or crafted for you by other guild mates is also frowned upon.

    Loot Rules for Guild Events[/SIZE]

    TBA for operations, but while levelling If you will wear it, need it!


    If for any reason we (the officers) do not believe you have behaved in a way befitting a member of the guild, we will tell you about it. Each case will be dealt with on a case by case basis but rest assured, we donít have infinite patience. It will be very rare that a chat will escalate to something more. But if it does were not shy.

    Any questions please add them to this post, we will address them when we can, or if you want to chat in game, grab an officer or send an in game mail.

    This list may be updated/edited at any point. Any suggestions? state them!

    These rules are in place to increase YOUR enjoyment of the game.


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