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    Old 07-31-2010, 10:47 AM
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    Post IRC Instructions

    Had forgotten all about transferring these instructions across. Anyway if you didn't already know the PCG Wurm community has it's very own IRC channel, this allows communication with those who are not currently online and also helps across servers.

    Firstly, the simple instructions. If you already know all about IRC then this is the information you're after:

    Server: irc.rizon.net
    Channel: #pcgvillage

    For those who are not familiar with how IRC works the best way to access is with a third-party client. There is an in-game IRC system that integrates with the normal chat system, however an error either with the way it works or the way Chatzilla works causes it to split into two tabs. A third-party client will also allow you to easily visit any links posted.

    [SIZE="3"]Third-party client[/SIZE]

    The easiest way to join is to use Mibbit, this is a chat client that works in all the popular web browsers and is as easy to join as [URL="http://widget.mibbit.com/?server=irc.rizon.net&channel=%23pcgvillage"]clicking this link[/URL] and entering a name.
    If you are using the Firefox browser [URL="https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/16/"]Chatzilla[/URL] is used by several of the PCG villagers, simply visit the link and download.
    Other popular choices are [URL="http://www.mirc.com/"]mIRC[/URL], [URL="http://www.icechat.net/site/"]IceChat[/URL] and [URL="http://www.pidgin.im/"]Pidgin[/URL].

    Accessing the channel through any of these services is generally the same, type the following two commands:
    [CODE]/server irc.rizon.net
    /join #pcgvillage[/CODE]
    Depending on your client you may also need to set a proper nickname, to change it at any time (often used for notification (e.g. Eating) or comedic effect) type the following, replacing name with your desired name:
    [CODE]/nick name[/CODE]

    [SIZE="3"]In-game client[/SIZE]

    The third and final option is to use the in-game IRC client, this does offer the benefit of integrating nicely with the regular chat system, but also has it's drawbacks as listed above.

    Join on command

    To join for a single session press F1 (being changed to F9 I believe) to open up the console, here type:
    [CODE]irc irc.rizon.net[/CODE]
    This will create a new tab just below the normal chat tabs, click on it and type:
    [CODE]/join #pcgvillage[/CODE]
    This should connect you to the channel, already using your in-game name. When joining the server it may also have joined the #wurm channel, if you wish to leave this type:
    [CODE]/part #wurm[/CODE]

    Automatically Join

    If you decide you want to use the IRC on a regular basis it's easy to setup so that the game automatically joins every time you log on. Go to the following folder (may vary based on your computer):
    [CODE]C:\Program Files\Wurm Online\configs\default\[/CODE]
    and open up autorun.txt in a text editor. Paste the following at the bottom:
    [CODE]irc irc.rizon.net
    ircsay /part #wurm
    ircsay /join #pcgvillage[/CODE]
    That is all you need to do, however if you wish you can also use the ircsay command to do other things such as change your name or automatically type a greeting:
    [CODE]ircsay /nick ILoveWurm[/CODE]
    [CODE]ircsay Morning Everyone![/CODE]

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