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    Old 10-17-2011, 11:16 PM
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    Default Warrior Forumsite

    I monitor the official warrior section of the wow forums every day, and am a regular poster in the @day threads. These threads are a sort of blog of warrior related chit chat, what we did on that day in or out of WoW, and just a general bonding of the warrior community. It was a great thing amongst the sea of QQ threads.

    Earlier today however, we log in to find all of the @day threads deleted and find out that one of the more active members of our little community got forum banned having all his posts deleted (including a big long uptodate protection guide). So we start the day's @Monday thread again, and people expressed confusion as to what had happened. It gets deleted. So we make a post on the customer service section asking what on earth is going on and we get pointed to the code of conduct, and the thread gets locked. OK, so the only rule our @day threads were breaking was the "no repeated threads of the same topic".

    I go back and start up a new thread "@Today" so we can carry on but in accordance to the forum rules, using only this thread.
    Thread gets locked
    More threads get created, and locked.
    We are all outraged, and I am totally disgusted by Blizzard's forum moderating. Just when a nice thing came out of the forums Blizz destroys it. What about the endless repeated QQ about mobility and damage buffs? Why pick on the one thing that everyone enjoys? Yes it may have been a little on the spammy side, a new thread every day - but it didn't bother anyone.

    Sooo many of us have left Blizzard's forums, and a free forum website for warriors has been created.
    So come Warriors, to our new forum - who knows, maybe it'll become something big!
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