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    Old 07-29-2010, 12:29 PM
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    Default Starcraft 2 PCG Friends list!

    ***Edited! Updated the lists and updated ranking where applicable. I also have a new handle - GLSteve, those of you with me on your list will update automatically, those of you who dont, I used to be Ordo. If Ive missed anyone, PM me or message me ingame and Ill fix it.***

    Welcome to our Starcraft 2 sub-forum! If you play Starcraft 2 and would like to be part of our UTTERLY AWESOME buddies list, where you will always find a friendly match or shoulder to cry on after a defeat; Post your name and character number and I'll add you (eventually) to our ever growing ranks.
    (If I miss you, feel free to PM me and Ill rectify the oversight).

    If you're a bit worried about playing online, FEAR NOT! Our helpfull and friendly players will be more than happy to help and throw you some tasty, nutritious advice! We also do nightly FFA games and sparring matches! Never again feel alone against the world... of Starcraft 2!!!!

    So, heed the call, my brothers! Post your name and region here if you want some hilariously easy matches against friends.

    EU Region:
    Donbar 630
    Decho 880
    Rope 707 (Platinum)
    Leviethan 988 (Gold)
    Arobein 652
    KidCold 257 (Platinum)
    DragonRD 529
    GLSteve 130
    Congo 643 (Bronze)
    IVEverdead 426
    McThreepwood 390
    Systematic 801
    Glorfin 259
    Discalceate 350
    FallenAngels 539
    Infirm 481
    cMal 568 (Gold)
    NoX 972 (Silver)
    eLZyBee 344 (Gold)
    LonesomeShoe 241
    W1LL3y3 549
    ScragyDan 298
    DirkDiggler 580
    HiddenMatt 799 (Bronze)
    PsyLon 665 (Gold)
    DirtyGibnut 728 (Bronze)
    Kiyotaka 668 (Gold)
    Mrbonich 779 (Gold)
    Killforpie 511 (Silver)
    Eragon 657 (Silver)
    tbezzin 557 (Bronze)

    USA Region:

    SolidStateGamer 794
    Fedaykin 579 (low skill, needs a sparring partner)
    Spartakhan ?
    Lachrymontis 230
    BlackVista 192 (Co-op)
    Tango 207 (Diamond)
    Omega 686
    Bimican 562
    hotfudge2100 744 or 774 (Gold)
    Origin 288

    So add those of your region to your buddies list and get playing! We have a dedicated Replays thread where you can post your clever strategies and defeats you would like advice on. We use Gamereplays.org for all our replay and refference needs, so pop over there and sign up. You'll find a wealth of strategies and tutorials for all major RTS games, and you can upload your own replays for linking on this forum (it also comes with a cool little graphic and a download counter).

    If anyone wants a more detailed tutorial on posting replays, just throw me a PM and Ill knock something up.

    Note: I apologize for the lack of USA names, I can only assume you all either aint playing or aint interested. Im uk, so my influence is limited (I could call Obama, but I dont think he would understand my scottish twang). So its up to you guys to keep the ball rolling, I'll keep the list updated though, so its not to late to enroll

    Last edited by Archernick; 02-12-2012 at 06:47 PM. Reason: Names updated
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