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    Default PvP Achievements Guide - Alterac Valley

    For the past two months I have been doing random Battlegrounds to get the PvP achievements. I have had a lot of fun and learnt loads. Here is my guide to the AV achievements in no particular order.

    If you like this and want me to do more comment below.

    Loyal Defender
    In Alterac Valley, kill 50 enemy players in the Hall of the Frostwolf.

    Tip: This is a really fun achievement as it needs you to be a complete arse to the Alliance. At the start of AV run south to the Hall of the Frostwolf. Stand on the boss and wait for the Alliance to get there. When they poke their head around the door start killing them. The boss won’t agro unless they are in range but if you agro a pet and pull them that will agro the boss. Watch with hilarity as he runs around one shoting the Alliance. Eventually you will get overwhelmed then use annoying abilities like Fear, Ring of Frost and Stuns. If you get their tank(s) it will wipe them.

    Frostwolf Howler
    Obtain a Frostwolf Howler.

    Tip: This costs 2,000 honor and can be bought from Grunnda Wolfheart (49,82)

    To the Looter Go the Spoils
    Loot the Autographed Picture of Foror & Tigule in Alterac Valley.

    Tip: This is a random loot drop from dead Alliance. Go kill and loot.

    Everything Counts
    Win Alterac Valley while your team controls both mines.

    Tip: If you plan to do this solo capture the top Mine first then the bottom. Otherwise just wait and you will get it eventually.

    The Sickly Gazelle
    In Alterac Valley, kill an enemy in the Field of Strife before they dismount.

    Tip: You will mostly get this my accident but the best place is the Field of Strife at the start of a battle. Root and nuke someone mounted.

    Alterac Valley Victory
    Win Alterac Valley.

    Tip: Don’t lose!

    Alterac Grave Robber
    Take 50 graveyards in Alterac Valley.

    Tip: Don’t stress this one it can be done over the course of many battles. Capture the GY west of FoS each battle. Let the alliance capture it and get it again. Roam around south and re-capture ones the Alliance get. This only counts if the GY is fully blue if it is in the process of being capped and you defend it does not count.

    Alterac Valley All-Star
    In a single Alterac Valley battle: Assault a graveyard, Defend a graveyard, Assault a tower, Defend a tower, Slay someone in the Field of Strife.

    Tip: This is really tricky and you need a bit of luck. At the start go to the FoS to get a kill then capture the GY west. Head back to defend a tower then rush north to capture a tower. Lastly go find a GY to defend. It's a toughy!

    Alterac Valley Veteran
    Complete 100 victories in Alterac Valley.

    Tip: Win, win and more win!

    The Alterac Blitz
    Win Alterac Valley in 6 minutes.

    Tip: This is being removed from the meta as it’s pretty impossible without a full pre-made team.

    Tower Defence
    Defend 50 towers in Alterac Valley.

    Tip: Very hard one unless you are running with a team. The alliance defend the towers really robustly.

    Frostwolf Perfection
    Win Alterac Valley without losing a tower or captain. You must also control all of the Alliance's towers.

    Tip: I would say this is totally impossible without a pre-made 40 man raid.

    Hero of the Frostwolf Clan
    Gain exalted reputation with the Frostwolf Clan.

    Tip: Join AV win or lose you get rep. It’s a slow grind.
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