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    Default Tickle me Interested

    Tickle me interested.

    Got this in the sale. I originally tried the beta way back when, and I wasn't that impressed with the game... but then... I was addicted to WoW still... and nothing compared.

    Now? Well... my love for WoW has shrivelled up and died. So I got this in the sale and the incessant whining of a friend.

    Started off with a Fighter, and I enjoyed the damage but survivability was low.

    Re-rolled a Cleric. In WoW, I played a Priest for the ability to heal and keep people alive. And with the Cleric... I have found my niche!

    I love the Soul Tree thing. Each soul is like a Talent build in WoW!

    I think this is what I'm starting to see in the game, its like Trion are showing their love for WoW, but at the same time saying "This is what we wanted from your game."

    The whole world and story didn't capture me like WoW did, but its because WoW was familiar, even when it began. Where as Rift is a new world to learn about and get in to.

    But this world is alive! I spent about 2 hours the other night in the Guardian starting zone taking part in an event. The Realm of Fire was attacking the Ward Stones, so I pitched up at a rift to help, spamming my heals and keeping everyone going. 3 of us... no 5.... 10 now... 20? WEEEEEEEEE! We steam rolled around the zone, picking bigger and bigger fights, stopping multiple invasions while closing Rift after Rift... and I WAS FUCKING LOVING IT!

    After the event, I rested in a town, and just loved the fact that it still felt alive. Randon Enemy Faction NPCs were running around setting up bases, attacking towns... there is always something happening!

    I'm looking forward to delving deeper into this world. Usually it would be for the Lore... but I think I just want to see what else is out there. The story may interest me if it gets better... but I want Dungeons and Raids and big moshes like I've witnessed already!

    Please say I haven't missed the hype.
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