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    Old 09-13-2011, 07:47 PM
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    Default My absence

    Hey guys, so if any of you looked at the guild rooster you would notice that I have not been on for more then 10 days :/ now I have been gone and then my computer broke down, it is all fixed now, however I find my schedule really hard to manage at the moment as a lot of things are going on in my school. For instance I will be gone this whole weekend working to "build" (lol right...) or help at least a house for refugees. I am also planning to take a break that will last anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks, while I try to manage my time schedule (which is filling up really fast). I hope to sort everything out by the end of next week, however I might not be able to. Now I know this is a long time that I have been missing, and if olgit and you guys deem it appropriate, you can demote me as I was not of much help recently (when our guild needs all the hands it can get). This is by no means a permanent absence though, as even if my schedule does fill up to the limit (which I doubt... considering there is 25 hours in a day... for me ^^) I will at least log on a couple more times to tell everyone goodbye and transfer my stuff over to the guild/guild bank (it's not a lot mind u ^^) Now I will probably not do that, as I love Rift and PCG even more so, and until november 11th there is no good games released (save BF3) that would keep me entertained ^^ thanks for reading this HUGE post and ye :P (Chardin, Lolly, Dark, and everyone else keep it up ^^ not too long till I will join u)
    P.S. Before I leave for the trip I might find some time to log on and see how things are going sorry for the whole absence issue
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