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    Old 09-03-2011, 07:11 PM
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    Default Raid report 1/9/11

    On raid:

    Cheers to Mylthas for sparing me any decision-making and going to help out Awesome :P

    The plan was to go straight to Baleroc to get some more practice on him. That didn't work out quite as we'd expected, as we got to him and found we couldn't get into his area. Spooky. So we went and picked on Shannox (making it Dreig's first kill). Leegund was naughty, and stood in a trap, but it turned out to be a dc, so that was alright. Then back to Baleroc.

    Most of the early part of the raid was spent getting people used to the mechanics again. While some stuff was good from the start (there were few problems with people remembering to take over crystals or getting away from one that was spawning, for example), there were a couple of issues that we had to overcome:

    1.Positioning - the hunters had trouble getting range on the boss. More subtly, as a result of trying to accommodate the hunters, the melee were losing time on the boss or mis-timing taking over crystal duty.
    2. The DPS was far too low, mostly as a result of 1.
    3. The healer rotation sometimes got messed up.
    4. We could rarely get through an attempt without a tank dying a few minutes in.

    These were largely resolved one by one. Leegund's positioning was excellent, and served as a good example for the rest of us. The healers got a lot smoother at switching assignments. And every dps increased their performance significantly (well done to Dreig, who managed to come up by nearly 5k). So by the end, we were in a much better position.

    We didn't get him down, but came agonisingly close twice, only missing as a result of small errors. The last attempt was excellent, with very high dps from everyone and tanks doing fine, until a momentary jump of the crystal beam to Osk, who was tanking, screwed us. Not much we can do about that other than not make that mistake. It's a demanding fight that requires concentration, communication and good performance from everyone from start to end, but we know we can do it and eventually we'll reach the point where we can one-shot it pretty much every week.

    So assuming Akee isn't back by Sunday, we'll go and kill Beth then move back to Baleroc. So make sure you have everything optimised and have a healthy stack of potions. And look up tactics for Alysrazor too, we'll move onto her if there's time.
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