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    Old 08-17-2011, 09:59 AM
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    Default State of the Guild3

    Well here we go again
    It is with sadness that I heard today of 1officer talking outside meridian with a player who has left PCG about the guild and that it was going backwards, athat if certain peolpe leave the guild will go under.
    The guild will keep going period. It was sad that the officer was agreeing with everything that was being said
    Anyway on to better and brighter things.
    There is talk of setting up a raid leader officer post, now this is way way out of my remit, but I think and this is my own view that Dark would be the best person for this. Post your views on this or if you think you can do and want to post on seperate thread why you think you should be it.
    Remember the post come with stress
    Also there is talk of a member of the PCG staff comimg to take over as ultimate GL( lets face it all they do is sit on there bums playing games alday and getting paid to write a few words) this is due to current commitments ( such as getting a new hearing aid,teeth ect) that the old 1 has which has resulted in him not being around as much.
    Now we have a very healthy guild that has lots of active member, but we seem to have a problem with the LVL50's for some reason. So to state the simple truth,
    peeps get to 50 then complain about raids ect not happening, then leave.
    WELL if peeps didn't leave there would more lvl 50's and more raiding simples.
    also I would like to hear about peeps Rift stories ect so they can be passed on and maybe even printed in the PCGamer Mag!!!
    Lastly can we all try and put money into guld bank funds so that we can get next guild bank slot.........mind you that 1 after this will prob cost a million plat!!!
    Oh nearly forgot
    earlier this week we had what appeared to be a theft from the GB. It now seems very likly that the peep concernds account was hacked by those lovely hackers for stuff. the peep involved has asked to rejoin the guild and will be accepted back. Please if your account gets hacked post on forum asap so we know

    Thanks for the great work and keep it up

    aka Eyeeye
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