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    Old 07-30-2011, 09:01 PM
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    Default Annoyed & Angry

    OK i feel i need to make this post after the events of today which have left me annoyed, angry & very upset.
    This morning i joined Air & Arans guild on my lowbie lvl 14 alt as there are a lot of characters in that guild around that level so i joined so i could do lowbie dungoens with them and level that character if i had any spare time and nothing was happening with our guild (in the day forinstance). We were all talking fine and laughing and joking and everything were fine, then in the middle of the afternoon i logged on to my alt to discover it had been kicked from their guild, so i tried speaking to Aello, Aran & Air to see what was happening and i got completely blanked by every one of them, infact Air even had me on ignore.
    I eventually got hold of somebody else i know in their guild and he told me the reason i was kicked and nobody was speaking to me was because, and i quote "Something to do with **** or ***** (i have removed the names for now) telling Air about you moaning over loot in dungeons and being bossy", I also get the impression there has been a lot more said but who i was speaking too didn't really want to get involved and wouldn't divulge anything else that had been said and i respected his decision and didn't persue it anymore.
    Now if this is true then this has really pissed me off. Yes i can be bossy at times but that's only because when we do something like a DRR that i want us to do well and be the best we can as a guild. also i've NEVER once moaned about loot, why should i when i've been very fortunate with loot i have won and worked hard to get?
    But as i said it seems more then these 2 things have been said about me as i highly doubt those 2 reasons alone would warrant people that i thought were my friends ingame would completely ignore me and kick my lowbie alt out of their guild.
    So as i am getting no answers from Air or Aran and the only thing i know is that no longer speaking to me due to things somebody in PCG leadership has been saying about me to them that i would like this person to grow some and either pm me on here or ingame and explain why and what they have said exactly instead of bad mouthing me to others behind my back, because this has got to me so much that atm i am contemplating whether to quit this game completely over this.

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