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    Old 07-27-2011, 08:55 PM
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    Default Rated BG's 27/7/11 "Death can be fun"

    so we started in the rated BG's tonight, over the course of the night some people stepped in and out taking us from having 4 rogues and 4 shaman to a much more balanced group.

    over the course of the night we did progressively get better, going from being completely annihilated to a fairly close match, so we did make quite a bit of improvement. but if I'm honest I expected to get steam rolled as most groups have been playing rated BG's since 4.2 went live so we are a few weeks late, but we were getting there and we can break into it if we keep at it. but on the positive a few of us got some new achieves including shooting down a DK just as he was about to cap the flag.

    mad skills award goes to Raf for being able to fire a druid flag carrier off the upstairs platform in WSG straight into the alliance flag.

    I will be posting the event again for next week, depending on the people we get we may try some war games or random normal BG (for a bit extra practice and if the team make up is bad), but we will be having at least a couple of runs in the rated BG's as that is what we really want to break into.

    thanks to all who came, I hope you all had fun and I hope you will sign up for next week (after I get an officer to post it tomorrow)
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